Founded in 1994, Microgaming is one of the most experienced and renowned game providers in the online casino industry. They have in fact been the very pioneers of it several times. This includes, but is not limited to, creating the very first casino on the internet and being the first to release a slot to a smart watch. On top of this, Microgaming is the provider behind the highest paying slot online, which has a stunning cash record of about 16 million pounds.

With an impressive library of more than 700 slots, the company has also created more games than any other provider in the industry. While some won’t leave you with that much of an impression, others have become incredibly popular among casino enthusiasts, such as Immortal Romance.

Should you be interested in taking this particular slot for a spin or any other game that Microgaming has created, you can easily do so below. For your convenience we have gathered most of their slots and made them entirely free for you to enjoy.

Microgaming casinos

About Microgaming

Being one of the most acclaimed game providers in the online gambling industry, Microgaming has not made themselves a legendary name by just creating slots. Since the company came to life, they have expanded to offer a bunch of different products such as table games, video pokers, bingo, live casino, sportsbook and online poker. They more or less have their foot in every type of gambling on the internet.

With a huge portfolio of products and being around since 1994, there is almost no online casino that doesn’t offer their games. You can find them everywhere and having several new slots released each month, it’s not too uncommon to find that their machines make up a lot of a casino’s game selection.

The frequency in which Microgaming creates slots is actually quite a unique characteristic of them as most providers come nowhere close to it. At times they can release as many as 15 games in a month which is a huge difference compared to providers like NetEnt and Yggdrasil that only releases one.

Slot games

Even though Microgaming is a huge name in the industry and have created more than 700 slots, their experience and recognition isn’t always reflected in the quality of their games. They have decided to go with an approach that favors quantity over quality. It seems to be working for them, but as a fan of slots you may find a lot of their games lacking compared to other providers.

This means that their creations usually aren’t the most visually appealing ones, but are often kept quite simple with mediocre graphics and animations. There are of course exceptions to the rule, but you should never expect their games being anywhere close to the eye catching standard of NetEnt or Yggdrasil.

A lot of their slots are also typical 5 reel ones with traditional paylines. At times they use the concept of megaways, but finding any cluster designs or games with any other complex reel mechanics is not very common. Browsing through their slots you may also find that some are the exact same ones but with two different themes as game mechanics are sometimes copied and reused between games.

With the above being said, it should be mentioned that the quality of Microgaming’s slots has greatly increased in recent times. The game Astro Legends is a perfect example of this as this comes with an interesting and modern design, visually impressive animations and a captivating bonus feature.

Other games that are popular among players and that you might want to have a look at include the following ones:

– Mega Moolah (4 progressive jackpots, one that pays £5 million every 9 weeks, on average)
– Immortal Romance (4 unique free spin features and wilds that can cover the entire screen)
– Game of Thrones (4 unique free spin features and a beautiful design based on the hit series)

Target audience

As with the majority of big game providers, Microgaming is trying to reach out to as many players as possible with their slots. Of course, in terms of quality they’re best suited for people that don’t have too high of a standard, even though some of their newer games actually appeal to this group as well.

But if we’re talking about the volatility level and taking big risks to win huge or playing it safe to get minor winnings on a regular basis, their slots are very mixed. You can find plenty of games that fit in both of the categories, as well as plenty of slots that are somewhere in between with a medium volatility.


With the company being private for its entire existence, we unfortunately don’t know who planted the seed that was to become the incredibly successful Microgaming. But what we do know is that the company was formed in South Africa in 1994. We also know that they came out with a bang as they were recognized to be the first ones to have an online casino with a playable game for real money.

At the time this was quite amazing as most people didn’t even have an internet connection and could definitely not picture themselves playing casino online. Therefore profits probably weren’t very good, but Microgaming chose this path because they knew that they were onto something huge. And as we know, they were right.

In 1998 the game Cash Splash was released and with this Microgaming reached yet another first in the online casino industry. It was the very first online machine to have a progressive jackpot, making it possible for players to win huge amounts. Microgaming was, however, the biggest winner of them all as a lot of gambling companies became interested in working with them after this release.

Even though slots had proven to be a path to success for Microgaming, they had bigger plans in sight. So in the early 2000 they started expanding their company with other gaming platforms as well. This resulted in the famous Microgaming poker network that many online casinos are using and a bingo software.

In 2008 it was once again time for Microgaming to be pioneers in the industry and this year it wasn’t the first for only one thing, but for two of them. Both involving slot releases. One of the slots was the first one to have as many as a hundred paylines. The other one, known as My Slot, included a unique feature that allowed players to customize the game design by allowing the colors and symbols of the slot to be changed.

With mobile gambling becoming more and popular around 2014, Microgaming was not only focusing on creating games for smart phones and tablets. They took it one step further and were yet again the first casino company in something; this time in releasing a slot to a wearable device – a smart watch.

In addition to the things already mentioned above, there are plenty of stuff that we could say about this very successful slot provider. In the early days they did for instance band together with a couple of other gambling entities to create an organization that would ensure the fairness of games online.

Ironically though, there are those who have been saying that the company wasn’t completely honest themselves. Operators who were using their services previously had to agree to be hosted on their servers. This gave Microgaming insight in their clients’ databases and some claim that they were actually stealing their players which resulted in lawsuits.

This happened very long ago and we’re not sure if it’s true. What do know is that their services to clients aren’t longer hosted on their own servers. We also know that the future of Microgaming is looking bright and that we as players can be sure to get new innovation from them when we least expect it.