wizard-slots 22/06/2018

The Best Wizard Themed Slots

Wizard slots are for you who love all things magical. Witchcraft has been around since the days of the world-famous witches of Salem, to […]

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the word casino 21/06/2018

What Does the Word “Casino” Mean

A casino is where you go to when you want to meet new people, play exciting games and gamble. –But where did the word […]

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lucky number 7 20/06/2018

The Magic of Lucky Number 7

So, what is so fantastical about the lucky number 7? And is the magic also found on slots with 7 as a symbol? Note […]

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social media 18/06/2018

Online Casinos In Social Media

Social media make the world go round. Thanks to these networks, the world is like a village. We use social networks to keep in […]

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multiplayer slots 16/06/2018

Multiplayer Online Slots – The More The Merrier

Online slots are generally fascinating. But it is time you understand and taste the thrill and collectiveness of multiplayer slots. Online slots are the […]

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Jumanji 15/06/2018

Jumanji Slot Review

NetEnt is sure to make 2018 even more exciting for slot lovers with the new Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle slot. Brace yourself for […]

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Book of Ra Magic 14/06/2018

Book of Ra Magic Slot Review

Treat yourself to a thrilling game on the reels with an Egyptian theme, high-paying gambling features and adventurous gameplay. We present Book of Ra […]

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crazy casinos 12/06/2018

Crazy Casinos Around The World

Our list of crazy casinos comes with untamed nightlife, glamorous lighting, spruce marble floors and well-distinguished customer service. We are talking infinity pools, debonair […]

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