With more than 20 years of experience creating slots, Play’n GO is a high quality game provider that players can always count on for a phenomenal casino experience. They do an amazing job combining eye-catching graphics with varying reel designs and captivating bonus features.

You can find anything from modern three reel bandits to slots using megaways and cluster designs as a format. It’s a true pleasure browsing through their releases as many of them are unique and have a bunch of interesting features to explore.

Play’n GO is one of the online casino industry’s most popular game providers and for good reasons. If you haven’t checked out their slots yet, it’s about time you do so. To help you out, we have listed the majority of them below and made these completely free for you to enjoy.

Play N’ Go casinos

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About Play’n GO

Claiming to be the provider that creates the most detailed, enjoyable and innovative slots, Play’n GO definitely has a lot of confidence in what they do. Their statement is incredibly bold and even though it may not be completely accurate the truth is not far from it.

As of March 2019 they have created about a hundred slots and there’s certainly a lot of passion and creativity shining through in these. They tend to release a new game every other week and as a fan of high quality slots it’s always as exciting to find out what they’ve come up with.

The founders of the company have a long experience in the casino industry as they were working for other game providers as early as 1997. Realizing they could do a better job themselves, they created Play’n GO in 2004 and since then they’ve been a very tough competitor to other slot providers.

In their early days the company was most renowned for their mobile adaption. They were one of the first providers to predict the huge demand in mobile gaming that we see today. With a clear focus of releasing many of their slots to phones and tablets, Play’n GO was long considered to be the market leading provider of mobile gambling machines.

With the rise of HTML5 technology, mobile adaption is no longer a hot topic, but instead Play’n GO has thrived in the industry by creating games of incredible quality. They have also developed great back office tools that online casinos can use to enhance the player experience. It is for instance an option for casinos to add progressive jackpots to many of the games.

Slot games

As mentioned several times already, Play’n GO does an amazing job creating high quality slots that give players a visually appealing, varying and captivating experience. To understand this better, we have taken a closer look at some of the most important characteristics in games and how Play’n GO is living up to these.


As you enjoy the games of Play’n GO you can more or less always expect to find detailed symbols and clever backgrounds that fit the themes of the slots. Even though the standard may not be on par with NetEnt that probably is the most visually skilled provider in the industry, the graphics of Play’n GO’s games are nonetheless a treat for the eyes. You’ll often find good use of lovely designed animations that will enhance the player experience. Two great slot examples of this are Hugo and Gunslinger Reloaded.


In an industry packed with hundreds of providers it’s definitely not easy being innovative, but Play’n GO actually does a great job with this. There’s a lot of creativity in many of their slots that make them stand out in one way or another. You do for instance have Tower Quest that has a bonus consisting of a card game similar to Hearthstone.

Bonus features

One of Play’n GO’s many highlights is that almost every game has at least three different features to trigger. They are usually designed in a clever and unique way that makes the slot experience a really entertaining one. If you don’t find three features being enough, some games are also packed with a lot more. The slot Golden Colis does for instance have as many as seven different bonus games and in Reactoonz you’ll find a total of nine different features.


Variety might be the most important slot characteristic of them all and this is something that Play’n GO does an amazing job delivering. A part from varying bonus features and themes that often make their games unique, they mix up reel designs a lot. You’ll find anything from classic three reel bandits to modern three reel slots, games with megaways, cluster wins and other interesting designs. Below we have listed a few examples of slots that fit in all of these categories.

Classic three reels: Bell of Fortune and Irish Gold
Modern three reels: Queen’s Day Tilt and Sweet27
Megaways design: Raging Rex and Dragon Maiden
Cluster win design: Sweet Alchemy and Viking Rune Craft
Other reel designs: Moon Princess and Rise of Olympus

Target audience

When it comes to target audience and the type of casino enthusiasts that will enjoy Play’n GOs slots, most players who appreciate a modern approach will love them. We’re talking about fancy graphics, plenty of varying bonus features and somewhat advanced game mechanics.

Those who prefer more traditional and old school slots may not be as pleased. With that being said, Play’n GO has made sure that no one is left out. So even though most games are modern ones, you will find a couple of classic bandits as well.

It should also be mentioned that most of their games are of a high volatility level, while some are of a medium one and only a very few of a low. This means that the majority of slots are made for players who appreciate chasing down big winnings and don’t mind having their balance taking a hit on the way to them.

It also means that casual players who rather have a lot of small or medium sized winnings often than chasing down big ones won’t find that many games that fit them. However, as mentioned, Play’n GO has slots that appeal to all types of players so if you just look carefully enough you’ll find a couple of good matches.


The slot making journey of Play’n GO started all the way back in 1997 when a small group of computer geeks was making a living as consultants for other game providers. They did this for quite a long time until they realized they could form their very own company and provide online casinos with much more entertaining and reliable games.

With this realization Play’n GO was founded in Växjö, Sweden in 2004. They created the company with the ambition to delight others and inspire them to have fun. This has proven to be a winning concept as they now have more than 300 employees and several prestigious awards in their back pocket. Some of these awards include the following ones:

  • Slot provider of the year at the International Gaming Awards 2017 and 2019.
  •  Legacy of Egypt voted slot of the year at the AskGamblers Awards 2019.
  •  Slot provider of the year at the EGR B2B Awards 2019.

With the founders of the company being a group of technicians at heart, Play’n GO has always striven to be at the very forefront of casino technology. They were one of the first to embrace mobile games and held the title of being the market leading mobile provider of slots for a very long time.

This mobile success is mainly what made them their name to being with, but it’s far from the only thing that has made the company thrive to the point where they are at today. Whether it’s about graphics, features or reel designs they’re always looking for ways to improve the player experience. As a casino enthusiast you can therefore be sure that the future of Play’n GO will hold a lot of excitement.

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