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About Bingo Bonanza

You can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy the ticket! Bingo Bonanza from MicroGaming is a fun and simple lottery-type game which rewards you instantly!

Game design

The game has the typical look of a lottery. In Bingo Bonanza, which is a popular variant of Bingo, you will see white balls spinning around in a lottery machine. There are a total of 8 types of obtainable balls, all of which have different values attached to them. Out of these 8, you will notice 6 balls rolling out of the machine after every turn. The values on these will decide your winnings.

The gameplay is very smooth, along with quality graphics and immersive sound effects. On top of that, it’s very simple to understand and play, which makes it perfect for all types of players.

Play Bingo Bonanza on mobile

The developers at MicroGaming have been able to optimize Bingo Bonanza excellently for all those of you out there looking to play the game on your phones, or other devices with smaller screens. HTML5 and CSS3 technology allow it to run smoothly on all platforms, assuring you of the same gaming experience across all of them.

Bingo Bonanza bonus play and free spins

You will first place your bets and then start the game. As mentioned before, you can obtain 6 balls out of 8 in one turn. All the lottery balls have a multiplier attached to them. Your objective is to have 2 balls with matching numbers out of the 6 rolled. The amount you win depends on two things – the number on the ball and your wagered amount.

The balls are numbered between 1 and 20,000. The maximum payout for this game is a whopping 200,000 coins which is obtained when you wager 10 and land two balls numbered 20,000.

Bingo Bonanza RTP and volatility

Bingo Bonanza is very simple – both to understand and play. It’s like signing up for a lottery. And this particular lottery has a generous 96% RTP or Return To Player. You will have a shot at winning something or the other on most turns if your luck hasn’t completely run dry. And if you’re really feeling it, go for higher wager amounts to increase your winnings manifold!

Bingo Bonanza Screen Design

Contrary to slots and other casino games, this one doesn’t have scatter symbols or wild symbols.

However, the screen arrangement in this game is very simple and absolutely easy for a player to get started. The “Start” button could be used to trigger the game. The “+” and “-” signs are used to select the bet range. And the “Win” box on the screen shows the amount won.

Microgaming has always been particular about an interface that allows users to play new games without investing a lot of time understanding how it works. This is yet another example of such a game.

The mobile version of the game also has a very similar arrangement.

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