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About Spingo

If you have ever played Roulette and Bingo, chances are that you will love Spingo by MicroGamingtoo. Blending in both of the games with similar elements, Spingo is an interesting slot game, to say the least.

Game design

When you first start up the game, you will be presented with the screen that looks extremely familiar to that of a standard roulette game. The 3D table has been divided into 3 categories, red, blue, yellow and single green ones. The bets start from 1 and end on 10, which hints that a person can bet a maximum of 10, with further options including even or odd.
The Red, yellow and blue is also an option, if someone wants to predict that way. This game does not have any associated story with it and a new gambler would have to try very hard to spot the difference between this game and roulette.

Play Spingo on mobile

Spingo has been characteristically designed so that the game is highly compatible with mobile phones. Apart from enjoying this game on PC, you can easily enjoy the same aspects on the phones too.

Spingo bonus play and free spins

Playing Spingo is very simple. This game is not a typical slot game with multipliers and other free spins and bonuses. You need to first select the combination that you think will be correct. If you select a number and a colour, you can win 32x the initial betting amount. For green only, you can win 24x the initial amount. For zero or any other number, the winning would be x20 and x10 respectively. Generalised colour, barring a green would get you 3x the bet amount. Apart from these, anything that you bet on, will fetch you 2x the initial bet.

Spingo RTP and volatility

Spingo has a healthy RTP of 96.2% and the maximum that you can win is 32x the initial amount that you bet on.

Spingo slotsymbols

The slot symbols are pretty much simple and constitute mainly the numbers for the bets and the colours that you want to bet on.

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