If there’s one game provider that has really put online casino on the map it’s NetEnt. This Swedish company, established in 1996, has for numerous years elevated the casino industry with their first class slots that are always a safe bet for a diverse and top quality experience. Many of their games provide astonishing graphics with genuinely impressive animations and along this you can enjoy a plethora of enthralling bonus features that can leave you greatly rewarded.

A successful mix of innovation, flawless execution and cutting-edge technology has made NetEnt a world leading provider of premium gaming solutions. On this page you can find out more about this and why their creations are often considered to be the best of the best. We have listed the majority of their games and allow you to explore them for free by playing demo versions. Look around and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by a great deal of extraordinary slots that are likely to exceed all of your expectations.

NetEnt casinos

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About NetEnt

The motto of NetEnt is better gaming and better gaming is with all certainty what they bring to the table. There’s almost no online casino that go without their slots and for obvious reasons. The best synonym to NetEnt is an unbeatable quality and an equally high level of entertainment.

They always go that extra mile to make sure that everything about a release is spot on. If compared to the movie industry, a slot from NetEnt is a multi-million dollar Hollywood production, while many other game providers are stuck with small budget indie releases. They’re that good.

Top three reasons for playing slots from NetEnt:

  • State of the art graphics with lively animations
  • Innovative and elevated game mechanics
  • Diverse mixture of interesting themes

The unique characteristics of NetEnt and the key to their success is all about very high standards and consistency. This is what has earned them numerous awards throughout the years and expanded their company to have more than a thousand employees situated in several countries around the world.

With a strong ambition of always being in the forefront, casino enthusiasts will certainly have a lot to look forward to from NetEnt as they continue to contribute to the industry. They have made quite an investment in VR and with this new technology they have the potential to once again modernize the thrilling joy of online casino slots, bringing them into the future.
Slot games

The number one attribute of NetEnt’s slots is simply a topnotch quality in all of the areas that make a slot experience a fulfilling one. We can get a better understanding of this by breaking this experience down into five important categories; design, innovation, diversity, bonus features and potential.


There are only a few game providers that make as visually appealing and euphonic slots as NetEnt do, which is part of why their releases are incredibly good. They are experts in pleasing our senses with stunning graphics; fantastic animations that truly bring life to the experience; and high quality sounds, which all together forms a fabulous atmosphere. To give you a better idea of this, we highly recommend checking out any of the following slots that are perfect examples of first class designs:

  • Red Riding Hood
  • Jumanji
  • Lost Relics


NetEnt definitely isn’t scared of pushing the boundaries and trying something new with their slots, which has proven to be a winning concept. There’s a lot of creativity behind most of their releases and one that we would especially like to highlight is Finn and the twirly spin. With this game a new concept of reels was introduced to the casino industry. It’s innovation at its finest and on top of this the game also has plenty of entertaining bonus features and a marvelous design.

Bonus features

Many of NetEnt’s slots are loaded with exciting bonus features, which is yet another reason that makes their games highly popular and phenomenal ones. An action packed experience is always satisfying. To get a firsthand impression of this, we would highly suggest checking out any of the following slots that have a bunch of interesting features in them:

  • Emoji Planet
  • Guns N’Roses
  • Koi Princess
  • Planet of the Apes


Nothing beats winning really big and with slots from NetEnt more millionaires have been made than with slots from any other game provider. Jackpot games such as Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods are regularly rewarding players with life changing winnings. On top of this, a bunch of their normal slots, such as Dead or Alive also have great potential with possible payouts of several thousand times the stake.


Perhaps the most important characteristic of NetEnt’s slots is a great diversity. There is something for everyone to enjoy and one game is never like any other, which is a perfect recipe for thrilling fun that never gets old. We have already mentioned plenty of modern slots with an incredible innovation and design, and in addition to this you can also enjoy a couple of traditional gambling machines. Classics such as the following slots will surely leave you with an amazing feeling of nostalgia:

  • Jackpot 6000
  • Mega Joker

Target audience

So what type of players do NetEnt have in mind when they make their slots? Well, no matter if you’re a hardcore casino enthusiast or just an occasional thrill seeker, there’s definitely something that will fit you. With a wide diversity of slots, NetEnt have plenty of games that speak to anyone.

With this being said, casual casino players are certainly the most likely to find pleasure from the slots of NetEnt. Even though they try to mix it up as much as possible, a very big percentage of their games have a low to medium volatility. In general this means that it’s fairly easy to trigger a bonus feature and get a decent sized payout.

The majority of players appreciate this as they are casual ones who don’t want to go broke after ten minutes of spinning. On the flipside, those who love chasing a really big win (several thousand times the stake) will not have as many slots to choose from. NetEnt do of course produce very high volatile games as well, but their selection is a bit limited compared to some other providers, such as Big Time Gaming.


The road to NetEnt’s current success started all the way back in 1996 when Pontus Lindwall founded the company in Stockholm, Sweden. Their roots do, however, stretch much further than this. The father of Pontus, Bill Lindwall, has played a big role in Sweden’s gambling history ever since 1963 when “AB Restaurang Rouletter” was founded. A company which was later renamed to the more recognizable “Cherry AB”.

Pontus has always been a key figure in Cherry and when internet came about in the beginning of the 90’s, he foresaw that investing in online gambling would be the best way for the company to grow. He was quite a future teller seeing as internet back then was in its very early stages and many were skeptical about it. He did, however, have a strong belief in it and with this he founded NetEnt a few years later, which Cherry AB quickly became a part of as a 35% stake holder.

Unfortunately we don’t know how many times Pontus questioned his decision, but the fact is that it took NetEnt as many as 7 years to make a profit. That’s a long, long time, but as we all know by now it definitely paid off. The company started off with a small office, 3 employees and only 1 customer. Today they deliver slots to hundreds of online casinos, have more than 1000 employees and offices all around the globe.

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