High speed poker

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About High Speed Poker

High Speed Poker is a three-card poker variant and one of the Gold Series Multi Hand games. Being a Gold Series game, it features an elegant table layout that creates an atmosphere similar to that of a brick and mortar casino. The Multi Hand aspect allows gamers to play up to five hands against the dealer simultaneously.

While the game is similar to the regular three card game, it has a few elements that set it apart. First, it has a starting bet known as the ante and is played before the game starts. The minimum bet is 1 unit and the maximum bet is 200 units. Second, players are dealt with three cards for each ante wager when they press the ‘Deal’ button. Finally, the game has a bonus feature that gives players the option to place a side bet. The bonus game is independent of the base game and is paid out whether a player wins or loses. Additionally, it has a separate payout table.

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