French roulette




French Roulette by MicroGaming is easy to play, navigate, and highly rewarding. Play this at the comfort of your house and win prizes. Also, it is available for both free and real money.

Game design

French Roulette follows the gaming rules of a classic European roulette. It comes with a revolving wheel consisting of a single zero (green) while the red and black pockets available in the roulette are 36 in number.

Play FRENCH ROULETTE on mobile

French Roulette by Microgaming can be played on a number of online casinos supported by various devices like computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. It can be played on android, windows, and iPhones.
The minimum requirement to be able to play the game on mobile phones is to have a proper uninterrupted internet connection.


The game comes with a variety of features like auto play, fast play, called bets, racetrack, etc. to help a gamer have memorable gaming experience.
One of the most popular features available here is ‘La Partage rule’. The feature allows a gamer to keep half of their money wagered on an internal gamble (must be an even number) whenever the ball stops on the number zero of the wheel.

FRENCH ROULETTE RTP and volatility

The game offers one of the highest RTP offered ever by any online casino slot that is, 98.65%. The game is of low volatility as the chances to lose the money are very limited.

FRENCH ROULETTE how to play?

The rules to play the French Roulette is quite similar to other classic roulettes. It offers a variety of inside bets like columns, straight ups, and dozens. They also offer bets on even-money including odd/even, and red/black.
The gamer is required to bet (in between £1- £80) on any of the numbers available on the wheel. The gaming screen will continue to show all the details of the benefit of players.

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