Triple pocket holdem poker

Play Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker from MicroGaming for free

​About ​Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker​

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is one of the most popular versions of poker right now played by millions across the world. This version from MicroGaming will surely get you betting!

​Game design​

Microgaming’s version of Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker has a very simple, stylish and classy theme. Traditional card game themes combined with modern gaming styles makes this a truly fantastic game to play.
The cards are laid out on the usual green table with the virtual dealer sitting at the other end across from you. Chips are laid out on the rim to your left with cards being dealt in front of you. There’s space for 5 cards in the middle of the table, and the ones in play are placed below them.
You can expect the typical guarantee of MicroGaming in terms of playing experience. Beautifully programmed graphics with smooth gameplay is bound to keep you dealing cards for hours.

​Play ​Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker ​on mobile​

You might not always have a desktop handy. In that case, don’t worry. Microgaming has developed Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker for all platforms like mobiles, tablets, and other devices with smaller screens. HTML5 technology ensures seamless cross-platform compatibility across all devices. Further, the game is also functional on both iOS and Android platforms.
All this makes sure you never have to stop playing poker – even if you’re on the go.

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker gameplay

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is not like traditional poker, in that you play against the house and not other players.
You’ll be dealt 2 cards, to begin with after you click on “deal.” You’ll have to decide whether you want to keep them and play on with that hand or pass them on to the dealer. The five face-up cards are also there.
If you do pass, you’ll be dealt two more cards which will face you with the same decision. If you pass on this hand too, you’ll have to accept the next hand dealt with you. With this hand, you’ll have to beat both the dealer’s hands to win.
The payouts are:
Flush – 2:1
Full house – 4:1
Four of a kind – 10:1
Street flush – 20:1
Royal flush – 50:

​Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker ​RTP and volatility​

This game has a 97.74% payout with a maximum 400 coin payout. This makes a relatively rewarding game to play if you’re strategic enough.

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