Pharaoh bingo



Pharaoh Bingo is an online video casino that is all about Egyptian Pharaohs. The game is incredibly fast and makes the player feel like a pharaoh/ Egyptian King. Microgaming is the game provider and can be accessed through, <ahref=””>MicroGaming. The game provides a large number of credits that make it more interesting. The game was released in around 2001.

Game design

The online version of the classic Bingo game is designed in a way that gives a complete feel of the Egyptian richness. Smeared in a shade of gold, there is a face of the pharaoh in the center, with 4 cards, with 15 numbers each, on four corners. One needs to match particulars numbers, displayed on the card that is similar to a particular prize pattern. It is not a typical casino game since it lacks dice or reels.

Play PHARAOH BINGO on mobile

The Pharaoh Bingo game can be accessed through android phones, desktops, laptops, and Kindle too.

PHARAOH BINGO bonus play balls

The game provides with 100000 jackpot to its players and 30 Bingo balls to win the jackpot. As patterns are supposed to be matched, if a player is left with one chance to win the game, he/she could buy an additional ball to complete the design/pattern. Each player has 10 extra balls in stock but needs extra payment which is dependent on the winning chances. This additional wager could increase the winning chances and hence, is worth the shot. The game could reward the winning player, 10,000 times his bet. The game has 12 winning patterns to be matched with.

PHARAOH BINGO RTP and volatility

The game has high volatility and a wagering limit of 100. The minimum coin size is 0.1 while the maximum is 10. The RTP of the game is around 94.7%.

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