These days there are many fantastic game providers enhancing our online casino experiences, but one of the most successful ones that we just can’t get enough of is Yggdrasil. Founded in 2013, this highly renowned company has consistently been releasing top notch slots with absolutely stunning graphics, enthralling bonus features and innovative game mechanics.

They have not only raised the level of quality in gambling machines, but have improved our overall enjoyment of them by introducing quest like tournaments with exciting prize pools. They are one of the toughest competitors in the online casino industry and if excellence is what you’re looking for in a slot you definitely won’t be disappointed with them.

Don’t just take our word for it – check it out for yourself! Below we have listed the vast majority of Yggdrasil’s games and made it possible for you to try these out for free. There’s a really nice mix of high quality slots with varying characteristics that should appeal to most casino enthusiasts.

Yggdrasil casinos

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About Yggdrasil

Being one of the online casino industry’s most respected and acclaimed game providers, Yggdrasil is a name that you will find on most regulated gambling sites. Their games are being used by hundreds of different operators with the obvious reason being that their slots are of a superb quality.

Visually impressive designs and entertaining bonus features are, however, not the only things that have made Yggdrasil the highly popular company they are today. Something that has contributed quite a lot to their early success is their legendary iSENSE technology. On top of this they have also had their current fame boosted by global slot tournaments and various promotional tools that operators can use.

iSENSE Technology

These days it’s industry standards for slots to run on HTML5 technology, but when online casino first became a popular pastime activity all games were using Java or Flash. Yggdrasil was not only the first provider to introduce HTML5 slots, but all of their creations have been using this modern technology since the very beginning. Their framework is known as iSENSE and when this was first released it took the casino industry by storm and became a huge hit.

The greatest advantage of this technology is that a slot can scale perfectly with multiple devices. In the early casino days, before everyone was using HTML5, game providers had to create one slot for desktop and then another one for mobile devices. This caused companies a lot of extra work, which Yggdrasil brilliantly solved for themself.

Since launch, their iSENSE technology has been upgraded and today it also features several other benefits such as:

  • Games loading incredibly fast.
  • Mobile devices not going to sleep mode when auto playing a slot.
  • An advanced particle engine that allows for amazing graphical effects and animations to be created.
  • Several promotional tools for operators to use.

Global tournaments and promotional tools

If you’ve ever enjoyed a session of Yggdrasil’s slots, you may have encountered a list of missions that could earn you huge rewards. Unlike any other game provider, Yggdrasil is occasionally running their own tournaments that anyone can take part of no matter the online casino. The only requirement is that their games are available to be enjoyed.

These tournaments have proven to be a huge success as not only do they allow players to win pure cash of substantial amounts, but they add a new level of excitement to Yggdrasil’s slots. The goal in these tournaments is to be the one completing a set of missions with the least amount of spins used. It may for instance be that you have to score a bonus in a slot 5 times, get 10 wins in a row in another slot and have a certain symbol appearing 50 times in a third slot.

In addition to these popular tournaments, Yggdrasil also allow operators to easily create cash races and set up their own competitions. Not to mention the option of using a unique brag feature that makes it possible for a player to easily share their big winnings on social media platforms like Facebook.

Slot games

Yggdrasil do a lot of things right to be among the top providers, but the crème dela crème of their qualities is undoubtedly the passion put into their slot creations. If we were to describe these with two words it would be genuinely fun. They are one of a few game providers that constantly aim to raise the bar and they manage to do it with such an incredible finesse.

While some of their oldest game’s may not do them justice, the level of standard they are at today is mind blowing compared to what playing slots used to be like. It’s not just about triggering free spins and winning money, but about pleasing all of the body’s senses and having a great time.

Opening a slot such as Baron Samedi you’re immediately enthralled by the visual appearance which is incredibly detailed. With animations of cigarette smoke, a burning candle and moving ice cubes in a glass of brandy, the interest of the game is immediately captured. Yggdrasil does this with the vast majority of their slots as no matter the theme they tend to be perfectly executed to please the eyes.

As much as the people behind Yggdrasil are experts in creating captivating designs, they are experts in creating varying slot experiences with some really interesting features. To give you an idea of this, let us list a few of their best games and give you a short explanation of what to expect from them.

Baron Samedi

Here you’ll find 9 different card types and a total of 36 different cards that provide various rewards, such as reels turning into wilds, guaranteed 5-hits, multipliers and symbol transformations. During the game’s free spin feature three randomly chosen cards will be active on every spin, which can result in some truly cool and lucrative feature combinations.

Nitro Circus

On top of a free spin and base game feature that comes with several rewards, this game has a really interesting bonus feature. In this you’ll get to pick between four different vehicles that all have their own strengths and weaknesses. You will then get to race on a trick course on which you will start by collecting power ups and then finish with a huge jump that will add a certain multiplier to all of your winnings.

Hanzo’s Dojo

Here you will find a special reel design with three 1 row reels spinning on top of a set of normal reels. On this reel there will only be valuable feature symbols spinning that can trigger wild reels, free spins and spins with a massive symbol locked in the middle of the screen.

Jungle Books

On top of a lucrative free spin feature that can reward players with up to 10000x times the stake; you will experience the company of five different characters. They all have two powerful features, such as triggering re-spins on a win, syncing reels, spreading wilds and allowing you to win both ways. One of these characters will randomly be active on every spin and occasionally a second one will join, which allows for some very interesting feature combinations to be made.

Target audience

One of the keys in becoming such a successful provider that Yggdrasil is, has been creating games that appeal to the masses. Many of their slots are therefore medium to medium high volatile ones. This means that you rarely have to wait too long for an exciting feature to trigger and/or a nice win to occur. At the same time there’s potential to get greatly rewarded, usually in the area of 1000 – 3000 times your stake.

These types of slots are of course not the only ones Yggdrasil create, but they do switch it up so that more or less everyone can find something they like. For frequent winnings, Easter Island and Penguin City are for instance two games with quite a low volatility. And for those who like taking big risks for big payouts Cazino Zeppelin is an old, but popular high volatile slot.

You’ll also find a couple of jackpot games that will please players who are looking to win life changing amounts. Empire Fortune and Joker Millions are two slots that on regular intervals pay out several million pounds to their lucky winners.

The only type of players Yggdrasil isn’t really targeting is those who are looking for old school one armed bandits. They have a couple of simplistic games, but nothing that comes close to the traditional 3 reel machines that were once the standard on land based casinos.


The success story of Yggdrasil began in 2013 when the company was founded with the ambition of creating a technologically advanced slot experience. It was not just anyone who founded Yggdrasil, but behind the reels was a previously positioned CEO of the world renowned NetEnt; the Swedish Fredrik Elmqvist.

As you may have realized from playing Yggdrasil’s slots, this is why a lot of their creations have the same innovation, visual impressiveness and spark to them as NetEnt’s games. They are very fierce rivalries to each other.

The first game ever created by Yggdrasil was Jokerizer and many instances voted this slot the game of the year 2013. They started out strong and as we have gotten to experience they continued their journey even stronger. Several prestigious trophies have been awarded to Yggdrasil during the years, such as the following ones:

  • Software Rising Star by EGR (2015)
  • Gaming Software Supplier of the Year by iGaming Awards (2016)
  • Slot Provider of the Year by EGR (2016 & 2017)
  • Innovator of the Year by iGaming Awards (2017 & 2018)
  • Innovation in RNG Casino Software by EGR (2018)

Only time will tell what Yggdrasil has in store for us next, but based on what they’ve delivered so far we can be sure that it will elevate the online casino industry even further.

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