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About Keno

This game is all about the numbers so get your lucky ones ready and prepare yourself for the chance of cashing in up to 10000 times your stake! The rules are simple; you’re allowed to pick one, two or up to 15 different numbers and once you’ve done this 20 numbered balls will be randomly drawn to determine your rewards.

The more balls that are matching the numbers you’ve picked the higher the payouts you’ll receive. As you can experiment with on your own by using the above free to play game that we are offering you, the potential winnings are varying depending on the total numbers you have chosen.

If you’re looking to reap in the biggest prizes, always picking 15 of them is highly suggested. This is the only way you can win the massive jackpot that could earn you an amazing 200,000.00 pound win. These riches await by playing on the highest stake and having all of your 15 lucky numbers matching the selected balls.

If picking the right numbers isn’t your strong suit, just leave it up to lady luck by clicking on random and she will let faith decide. Enjoy the game with a slow and exciting drawing of the balls or use the turbo feature included for a fast paced experience where every game round only takes a few seconds.

As simplistic as the game may seem, one can easily get hooked on the fact that small winnings are constantly gained and by the potential of cashing in a fortune. When you are done playing around with the free version that we offer, we highly recommend the below online casinos to give Keno a shot for real money. Today may just be your lucky day.

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