Mayan bingo

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About Mayan Bingo

MicroGaming has banked on the popularity of bingo and brought out for their players the Mayan Bingo Slot. In Mayan Bingo there is a system of automatic designation of numbers of the fallen cards. Players do not have to look for the match and place flags in boxes, this helps in accelerating the speed of the gameplay.

Game design

Mayan Bingo is an entertaining game that brings together the fun of playing bingo and the fast pace of a slot machine. The player gets cards on their hands, each of which has numbers. This game is designed to automatically sift through cards to find out the winning numbers, with little to no manual intervention. The winning combinations are immediately displayed on the screen and a winner is declared all with the help of a pre-designed process.

Play Mayan Bingo on mobile

Mayan Bingo video slot is also available on mobile for both iOS and Android systems, all one needs is a fast internet connection. All payments and bonuses are available in the mobile version for those who like their slots on-the-go.

Mayan Bingo bonus play and free spins

Mayan Bingo offers 14 different winning combinations to their patrons, and all of them are hassle-free. All the players need to do is bet and start the game, the whole slot is designed to run on its own with no human intervention. The lowest possible win stands at 50 times the original bet and the highest possible win has been capped at 50,000 times the original bet.

Mayan Bingo RTP and volatility

Mayan Bingo is a more sophisticated and high tech version of traditional bingo and offers players a high RTP rate of 95.12%.

Mayan Bingo slotsymbols

Mayan Bingo does not bear the traditional wild and scatter symbols for its players, the whole concept of the game is based on playing cards. Players have to bet on cards and the one with the highest number wins the game along with its bonuses and jackpots wild symbols
scatter symbols

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