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Pharaohs Gems by MicroGaming is an online video game that takes you on a tour to the 20th century Egypt unfolding into an interesting and unknown tomb of a pharaoh. The game makes the player feel like an archaeologist, in search of the unknown that lies deep underground. The pharaoh’s tomb has in store, bountiful precious gems and stones that could only be discovered by the game.

Game design

The pharaoh’s gems is an eloquently designed game that has three jars placed at the center. A treasure chest and a pharaoh’s bust on either side of the jars. This shows the sequence of the game as well. To begin the game, the option of a new game appears below on the screen.

Play PHARAOHS GEMS on mobile

The Pharaohs Gems uses HTML5, FLASH and can be accessed via desktops, tablets.

PHARAOHS GEMS bonus play and free spins

Since the game is all about discovering and winning the precious hidden treasure of the pharaoh, there are a few steps that lead to the same. Each player needs to place a wager at the beginning. As one proceeds wagering, the more he is likely to win a greater jackpot. The game initially includes a collection of jewels, each valued 500 times the wager. The jackpot prize could amount to 7500 times the bet. To begin with, there is a pharaoh’s chest, followed by a secret in three jars. Finally, their last game has the pharaoh himself whose bust may bear the large reward. This could raise the amount to 5000 times the bet.

PHARAOHS GEMS RTP and volatility

The game has high volatility and a wagering limit of 100. The minimum coin size is of 0.10 while, the maximum winning coins are of 50000. The RTP of the game is around 94.7%.

PHARAOHS GEMS slotsymbols

The game is provided with certain symbols like the pharaoh’s chest that appears in the beginning. In the second game, there is a symbol of three jars, one of which has a secret symbol. On revealing the secret symbol, the symbols inside the jars can be checked. Once the two symbols match, the player was rewarded a jackpot, 2000 times his bet.

Finally, the third game has the symbol of the pharaoh’s bust that opens up to give the major jackpot prize, 7500 times the bet. On playing for 5 credits, the player can secure 37500 times his original bet.

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