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About Texas Hold Em Pro

Released in March 2013, Texas Hold Em Pro is a professional series of video poker introduced by NetEnt. The poker available at both land based as well as online casinos is popular among table game lovers.

Texas Hold Em Pro Game Design

Texas Hold Em Pro is a non-progressive poker game which can be played single-handedly.
The poker by NetEnt comes in a variety of versions like standard, high limit, and low limit. The standard version is for the players who are ready to gamble big and can afford some losses, if occur.
The game can be played for free and real money both. The free version helps a player understand the rules and regulations first before gambling some money.

Play Texas HoldEm Pro on mobile

Texas Hold Em Pro, one of the most popular poker by netEnt is available on all the electronic devices including computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. The game can be played on android, windows, and iphones. The only requirement while playing the game is a good internet connection which will help the smooth continuation of the game.
Also, the users must know that the poker is not available in the live version.

Texas Hold Em Pro features

The video poker offers a betting range in between $1 to $40 for the standard limit games and $0.10 to $40 for lower limit games. The gamers can also decide whether they want to gamble on each and every street appearing on the street or not.
The poker hands available in the game are used to trigger different types of features like Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, and Pair. The description on how these work is provided in full description in the game and the users are advised to go through the rules first and then utilize them for their own benefit.

Texas Hold Em Pro RTP and volatility

Texas Hold Em Pro holds an impressive record of offering RTP as high as 97.96%. One of the highest RTPs offered by any casino slot, this video poker Is rewarding to its players.
The volatility of the game varies in between low to high depending on the type of game (limit) you are playing that is, low limit, high limit, and standard limit respectively.

Texas Hold Em Pro rules to play

The deck of cards available in the game makes it an interesting play. At first, a user is required to made ante bet. Then poker follow the flop, turn, and river rule (the most common way to play poker) on the first two deck of cards at the initial stage which will later decide how much a user wins.

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