1x2 Games

In an online casino industry packed with various game manufacturers, 1x2gaming is a provider that many players are yet to hear about. Founded in 2002, this UK based company did, however, put an early mark on the online gambling industry by creating the very first virtual soccer game.

Since then they’ve released a bunch of different casino products, including more than 30 different slots. Their games are not the most visual impressive ones and not very innovative either, but they rely on simplicity, high quality sounds, a bit of humor and low volatility.

The slots are overall solid creations that speak to players who appreciate features that are easy to trigger and who value low to medium sized winnings that frequently appear. Should you be one of these thrill seekers, why don’t you take some of their slots for a spin and see how you like them?

For your convenience, we have listed a nice variety of 1x2gaming’s products below which can all be enjoyed for free.

Best 1×2 casinos

About 1x2gaming

Unlike a lot of the industry’s game providers that mainly or only focuses on creating slots, 1x2gaming has a very wide range of products. As of March 2019 they’ve released a total of 91 casino games and among these not even half of them are slots.

Not only do they offer several different types of virtual sports, but they have also created a bunch of scratch cards, several keno products and a couple of arcade entertainments. Not to mention a heap of table games that include the following ones:

  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Three Card Poker
  • Casino Wars
  • Texas Hold’em
  • Caribbean Stud
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Six Shooter
  • Cribbage

The company has a global presence, but with its head office in the UK, in the tech-hub of Brighton & Hove, which is also known as Silicon Beach. Since they were founded in 2002, they’ve been growing quite a lot, but even today it’s actually fairly rare to come across their games at online casinos.

Slot games

When it comes to the slot creations of 1x2gaming, these are overall solid products that could bring a lot of good entertainment, but mainly if you’re looking for a rather simple experience. The standards of the slots are nowhere close to the quality level of some of the top providers in the online casino industry, such as NetEnt, Yggdrasil and Play’n GO.

While some of their games, such as faerie nights, actually are quite a visually appealing treat for the eyes, most of 1x2gaming’s slots are very basic when it comes to graphics. The very same can be said about the features in the games. These are usually limited to one or two and most of the time they consist of free spins, multipliers and expanding wilds. In other words, the slots will probably not be very satisfying if you’re looking for beautiful animations and innovation.

1x2gaming’s reel designs tend to be quite similar as well as the majority of their games have a 5 reel, 3 row format. There are a few exceptions to the rule though. The slot football 3×3 does for instance consist of as many as nine sets of reels that spin on every round, with each of these sets only having three reels and one row.

Even though 1x2gaming’s slots aren’t as modern as those many of us are used to playing, the music in them is actually topnotch. Many providers fall short on this, but 1x2gaming is certainly not one of these. All of their games have varied melodies that fit the themes perfectly and truly enhance the gambling experience.

A lot of the slots are also really charming in their own, simple way so even though they aren’t up to the level of quality that is the standard these days, they could very well be worth a spin or two. We would particularly recommend checking out the following games:

  • Justice Machine (a slot with 7 different heroes that all have their own rewarding mechanism)
  • Puppy Payday (very simple, but who doesn’t love puppies?)
  • Piggy Bank (a game full of pigs and a charming design looking like a kindergarten picture)

Target audience

The type of casino enthusiasts that 1x2gaming seems to be targeting with their slot creations are first and foremost casual ones that appreciate frequent winnings. The vast majority of their games have a low to medium volatility, which means that you’ll rarely experience any sudden losses. It’s quite easy to trigger features like free spins and get a medium sized hit when you’re spinning the reels.

It may sound good and it is if you’re looking for that type of experience, but the downside of it is that you can’t chase down any really big winnings. The maximum amount you can get is often limited to a couple of hundred times your stake so if you’re looking for a huge cash boost you won’t find it.

Another target group of 1x2gaming is those thrill seekers who appreciate simplicity. They may not do this intentionally, but as previously mentioned most of their current slots are very basic. The graphics won’t amaze you and with features that are usually few and identical there’s not much of innovation.


When it comes to the history of 1x2gaming there actually aren’t that many interesting things to be said. The company was founded in UK by Victor Chandler in 2002. They quickly made themselves a name in the casino industry by creating the very first virtual soccer game, which allowed players to bet on soccer in a luck based casino environment.

This game was followed by further development of virtual sports games as this became the niche of the company. As time passed they broadened their spectrum of products and today they have a rich portfolio that consists of plenty of slots, table games, scratch cards and keno games as well.

1x2gaming haven’t won any awards yet, but 2015 they were nominated for the following two:

  • Best Football Innovation at London’s Betting On Football Awards
  • Best Virtual Sports Supplier by the EGR B2B Award