Money Saving Strategies for casino table games

If you want to save money when playing online casino table games – see these tips. Here is how to minimize cash losses and save your money when playing poker, roulette or blackjack.

How to save money playing casino table games

If you don’t want to leave your favourite online casinos with no bankroll, apply these tips. Having a money management plan is the best strategy to win in either poker, roulette or blackjack.

1.    Use only one card for gambling

Yes, many online casinos allow you to add as many bank cards and e-wallets as you wish. –But you should only use one card to gamble. This protects you from overspending at any particular moment.

Using one funding source prevents you from using cash you cannot afford to lose.

2.    How much do you wish to win in a single session?

Set a specific amount of money which you wish to win during the single session. Have a bankroll about 5 times the size of your win goal.

If you wish to win €100, have a €500 bankroll. This gives you a chance to recover your losses and still keep your win.

Once you reach your winning goal, stop playing for the day and exit the game. Avoid being overexcited when a winning streak strikes.


Avoid overloading the pot with medium-strength hands

Medium-strength hands are quite difficult to play, so never put money in the pot with these hands. Medium-strength hands perform better in smaller pots, as bluff-catchers.

Use medium-strength hands to bluff. 

Bet when you have a strong hand

Often bet when you have a strong pair or better.  These hands are a favourite to win – take advantage of this chance to load the pot.

Place more stakes when you are heads-up in position

If you are in position during a game of heads-up pots, frequently strike the pot whenever your opponent displays weakness. 

This bluff is best applied to weaker players who rarely protect their checking ranges.  

Be careful placing a ‘float bet’ against stronger players. Failing in this strategy could cost you a lot of cash.


Avoid using the martingale system

The martingale system is where you double your bets in an effort to recover your previous losses. 

For example:

If you bet €100 and loose, you buy chips worth €200.

This means if you land a winning streak, you will recover the €100 loss and make profits on the win. But if you lose again, you end up parting with €300.

The martingale system is popular but it can easily deplete your bankroll.

Most online casinos come with a betting limit, so avoid betting huge amounts all together. If you must use the Martingale system, do it in small amounts.

Better your odds to play safe

Roulette is a game of chance and the house will always have an upper edge.  Avoid putting all your money in one number. Instead, place your chips on all black or all red to increase your chances of winning.

Quit the game while still ahead

Have you just won? Time to quit the game. Roulette is all about luck. Anything could happen during any particular session.  Don’t let a winning streak push you to make more or bigger bets in efforts to recoup.


Use your hands

Use the results of your previous hands to determine the size of your next bet. Basically, increase your bets after a loss and reduce the bets after a win. 

Or use a consistent wagering system

If you are not sure, set a fixed amount on every hand, regardless of the outcome. For example, if your fixed wager is €10, you will bet this amount on all your blackjack hands.

Other table casino money saving tips

  • Take advantage when you notice that you are the only one on the table. The fewer you are at the table, the more your chances of gett8ing high-value cards.
  • Read wagering requirements before accepting any bonus for any table game.
  • Withdraw your wins as soon as you get lucky. 
  • Plan your daily, weekly and monthly budget for online casinos.
  • Avoid playing with your emotions. Don’t take losses to personal and don’t be over excited when you win.

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