Make Epic Wins on Game of Thrones Slot Game

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As half the world has geared up for the 8thand final season of the HBO super hit series Game of Thrones, slot game fans have been able to enjoy the slot game of the same name since 2015.  The slot game version is an attempt to translate all the drama and intrigue from the series into online gambling entertainment. Although the slot game has been available for several years, with the conclusion of the epic drama in sight, we would like to shed a light on this game for your gambling enjoyment and excitement. 

Game of Thrones Game Play

The slot game based on the HBO series is stunningly designed and comes in two versions: one with 15 pay lines and another with 243 Ways to Win. You can benefit of a slightly higher RTP of 95.4% on the 15-pay-lines version compared to 95% if you choose to play with win ways. You won’t find any images of characters from the series on the reels, which might be a disappointment. However, you do find the seals of four houses on the game. These houses are Baratheon, Lannister, Stark and Targaryen. The Scatter symbol is the highest-paying icon in the main game awarding you 200 times your stake when you manage to play 5-of-a kind. When you play at least 3 Scatter symbols anywhere on the reels in one round, you activate Free Spins mode. In this mode you can choose from one of the four houses featuring on this slot. Each house gives you a different number of free spins that come with a multiplier. When you select the stag of Baratheon, you get 8 free spins that come with a multiplier of x5 and a stack of 3 seals. Choose the house of Lannister and your allegiance will be awarded with 10 free spins with a multiplier of x4 and a stack of 5 seals. If you go for the dire wolf of the house of Stark you can claim 14 free spins accompanied by a x3 multiplier and a stack of 6 seals. When your bet is on the house of Targaryen you join the battle with 18 free spins that come with a multiplier of x2 and a stack 6 seals. With the Gamble Feature you can crank up your win potential even further. Two houses are placed opposite each other and you are asked to choose sides. A coin is flipped and if you get it right, head or tail, you can make a big win depending on your bet. 

How does Game of Thrones Slot Compare to the Series?

At first sight, the slot is immediately recognisable as having been inspired by the TV show. However, it is rather peculiar that the game developers decided to feature the house of Baratheon in the game, as the house doesn’t play a significant role in the series beyond the first season. The house of Greyjoy on the other side, does feature heavily in the TV show and is the source of a lot of intrigue. However, this house doesn’t appear on the slot game. The violence and bloodiness of the series has been translated to the slot game. Not because you see any gore on the reels, but because Game of Thrones is a high volatility slot that can bleed your account dry in an instant. However, a victorious battle can lead to winnings no less than 20,250 times your stake.


Game of Thrones is a fabulously designed slot games that is a joy to play to all slots fans and high volatility slot lovers and fans of the series in particular. Although the slot is immediately recognisable as having been developed in partnership with the producers of the HBO hit shows, the slot seems a tat outdated. This will be most apparent to an audience that currently sitting at the edge of its proverbial seat to follow the conclusion of the saga that first aired in 2011. If you like well-designed high volatility slots with great win potential, then Game of Thrones is a must-play. If you love the show, but prefer slots with a lower variance, set a strict budget for a number of real money rounds and if you run out, continue in fun mode to enjoy the amazing graphics.

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