The reason why you have to use the same method for deposits and withdraws

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How do you deposit or withdraw your money at online casinos? How much you make in online casinos will be affected by your withdrawal and deposit methods. Here’s more.

Why is it important to understand different deposit & withdrawal methods at online casinos?

So, you have played your favourite online casinos game for free or with bonus money – but to withdraw your wins, you must make an actual deposit. Which method do you use? Here is why you should be familiar with different payment methods:

•   There are many ways of making and receiving payments at UK online casinos.

•   Most casinos offer different terms and conditions for the various forms of payment.

•   Different forms of payment process at varying speeds (it could be fast or slow).

•   The method of payment you use will affect how much you can withdraw.

•   Depending on your residence, different taxes apply to different modes of payment.

•   You will be able to budget and manage your casino payments.

•   Understanding different modes of payment for casinos help you to guard your financial and personal information.

•   You know how to access your wins fast 

Which are the safest and fastest methods of deposit and withdrawals in online casinos?

Have you ever made a huge win at an online casino but couldn’t access your funds for days? You planned to wait till the withdrawal is processed but ‘playing temptation’ got the best of you – And you ended up using your wins as a bankroll. Only to lose it all? You are not alone.

Who doesn’t want to access their money as soon as they win it? We understand that you would like to get your casino payments as soon as possible. 

That is why you need to deposit or withdraw your casino payments using the following trusted and fast methods. 


E-wallets are popular and preferable modes of payments at online casinos – thanks to the reliable speed and relative affordability.

With e-wallets, you can deposit money in your casino account in less than five minutes. All you need is to load your wallet account and you are good to go!

E-wallets help you to start playing immediately, within minutes of initializing the payment. This means you can access your favourite game and start earning wins ASAP!

There is also a wide variety of trustworthy and safe e-wallets. Meaning you have options.

Many sites encourage the use of different e-wallets and even offer generous bonuses for making deposits.

Popular e-wallet services include:

  • Neteller
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • World Remit

Some e-wallets are not available on every online casino 

Some regions might impose strict laws on e-wallets

Credit & Debit cards

We use Visa & Mastercards in our everyday lives and they are popular on gambling sites. These cards are controlled and funded from your bank account – The deposit limit will be mostly dependent on your bank.

Bank transfers

This is a safe deposit and withdrawal method. However, wire transfers will usually take longer to reflect in your casino account as compared to cards and e-wallets.

Bank transfers also come with higher charges than the other methods.

So, why do you need to use the same method to withdraw and deposit funds at your online casino?

Identity verification

It is not unusual to find online casinos that state ‘first withdrawals are to be made via the same mode as the deposit.’ This is to promote security and prevent identity fraud. 

For example:

Person A has seen your card number and CVV and they have opened a casino account in your name and even made a deposit.  

If the casino has made sure that you can only withdraw via the same method you deposited, it means the player cannot access the wins.

Reputable casinos will require verification documents including National ID, driver’s license and a photo of your bank cards (hide the CVV and the middle card numbers).

Keep you disciplined with your casino money management

How many times have you gone past your casino budget and ended up making bigger deposits than intended? 

One of the best ways of ensuring proper money management in casinos is using one gateway to deposit and withdraw cash. Using too many payment gateways might have you tempted to use more cash than you intended to.

1.   Choose one method that you will use to deposit your funds e.g. one card, one e-wallet or one bank account

2.   Make a budget according to your player needs e.g.  £300 per month  

3.   Stick to your budget, even if you, unfortunately, deplete your casino account

Avoid adding a payment method after going past your casino budget. This is poor money management.

Minimising charges

You can save lots of extra transactional charges by using the same deposit/withdrawal methods. Different methods come with varying transaction charges. Save money from your wins by using a consistent method to withdraw your funds. 

What if I have reached the day’s withdrawal limit?

It is not uncommon to find major casinos with withdrawal limits on different payment methods. This might tempt you to withdraw the funds in both your bank and e-wallets. While this is convenient, you might discover that you incurred extra expenses.

When you have reached a withdrawal limit for the day, log out of your casino to avoid the temptation of gambling your current wins. Then wait for the next day and make more withdrawals.


Are you skeptical or feeling constrained by having to use one method to deposit or withdraw money in your casino? Don’t worry, you are not alone. –But you should rest assured that it is all for your safety and good.

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