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News 22-02-2021

Keep an eye on these Online Casino Trends for 2021

The year 2021 is in full swing and the Chinese New Year has just begun. The last 12 months have been challenging for almost everyone on the planet and most people are keen on a new start. People as well as businesses have been forced to adapt in the last year and generating an income […]

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best slot games in self isoltation
News 20-04-2020

Best Slot Games for Self-Isolation during Coronavirus Outbreak

In just a matter of weeks the infamous coronavirus turned from an issue in far away China to an uprecedented phenomena that affects everyone on the planet. In many countries cafes, pubs and clubs have been forced to closed. Going to the cinema or theatre is no longer an option and not even your local […]

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News 03-12-2019

MPs call for £2 betting limits on online slots and other gambling restrictions

A cross-party parliamentary group has called for upper betting limits of £2 per spin on online slot machines. Stake limits are just one of several proposals the group has made to prevent and reduce any online gambling-related harm. The group has also criticised the UK Gambling Commission for not doing enough to tackle gambling addiction. […]

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News 15-07-2019

Gambling on a Budget: The Responsible Way to Play Low at Deposit Casinos

Gambling can be a fun and exciting way to pass the time, but it can also be expensive and risky. Low deposit casinos, also known as micro-stakes casinos, offer a solution for budget-conscious players who want to enjoy the thrill of gambling without breaking the bank.  These casinos allow players to gamble with small amounts […]

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News 11-07-2019

When your Online Casino Game Rules your Life (And what to do about it)

We all love to get online and wager a few pounds on a fun slot, table game or any other betting option. It is a way of relaxation, getting excited about something you enjoy and it can make you some money too. However, for some gambling, whether on or offline, has surpassed the fun and […]

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News 22-06-2019

Get Your Shot of Vitamin C(asino) with the Best Fruit-themed Slot Games

Fruit symbols have always played a big role in classic slot games. It is not for nothing that we still call them fruit machines. They might not dispense fruit, but they can give you some juicy wins. The video slot has come a long way from the old-school one-armed bandit with a 3×3 grid, but […]

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News 16-06-2019

Fickle NetEnt Share Performance after a Barrage of Game Releases

Compared to heights reach at the beginning of the year, NetEnt share price has made a considerable dip at the beginning of the second quarter and has only slightly recovered in recent days. This dip is remarkable, as the company has reported solid financial results in the first quarter, despite some regulatory challenges, and has […]

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News 30-05-2019

Play More Amazing Blockbuster slots

Almost every self-respecting game developer seems keen to team up with a film studio, famous tv show or another high-profile brand. The result of these partnerships are fantastic slot games that have been inspired by blockbuster films or hit TV shows. The list of great blockbuster slots seems to expand almost every month as new […]

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News 19-05-2019

Make Epic Wins on Game of Thrones Slot Game

As half the world has geared up for the 8thand final season of the HBO super hit series Game of Thrones, slot game fans have been able to enjoy the slot game of the same name since 2015.  The slot game version is an attempt to translate all the drama and intrigue from the series into online […]

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News 18-05-2019

Play the Best Blockbuster slots – part 2

Slot games as well as films and TV show are excellent forms of on-screen entertainment. These forms of fun could even be better if they were combined. If you want to have the best of Hollywood while having excellent slot game fun, go for exciting blockbuster slots. In another article we already discussed great blockbuster […]

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News 18-05-2019

The reason why you have to use the same method for deposits and withdraws

How do you deposit or withdraw your money at online casinos? How much you make in online casinos will be affected by your withdrawal and deposit methods. Here’s more. Why is it important to understand different deposit & withdrawal methods at online casinos? So, you have played your favourite online casinos game for free or with […]

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News 16-05-2019

Play the Best Blockbuster Slots – Part 1

If you love films or great TV series and you like hitting the reels too, then blockbuster slots can offer you some great online casino entertainment. Made in partnership with film studios or producers of hit TV shows, the best blockbuster slots are beautiful translations from cinematic tales and adventures to the reels of an […]

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