Why Affiliates and Online Casinos Are a Match Made in Heaven

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Who does not want a deluge of online traffic directed to their website or virtual casino? Ever since the evolution of the internet, almost everyone has been searching for the secret key that will unlock the limitless potential of the web; first came SEO, powered by the rise of Google, and then you had pay per clicks (PPC), which shone brightly for a brief period before fading out. Social media is the current favourite, but there is one strategy that is simply made for online casinos – the affiliate programme.

A Match Made In Heaven

The underlying marketing philosophy of the affiliate programme is a simple one: Get others to promote your casino. The advantage here is that since the message usually comes from a respected authority, the target audience is more likely to follow the lead and visit the casino.

The reason why the marketing platform is a game changer for online casinos is because the affiliates are players themselves. When we say players, we mean those who have a strong, visible profile on the virtual world, with people following them. They may also run high authority blogs that attract a vast readership, review new casinos, and live stream tournaments and competitions they are a part of.

Bottom line: They direct a good number of visitors to the online casino.

Why Affiliates

The affiliate programme applies various marketing practices to bring in the traffic. You could have a direct sales pitch in the form of a banner on the blog, a more intelligent, subtle link that appears in a well-researched article, or the affiliate themselves promoting the casino during a live stream. The audience may be attracted to any one of the promotional tactics and click on the link.

Trust here is the key factor. Because the audience has a relationship with the affiliate built on trust, they are more than willing to believe the marketing message as well.

A Rewarding Programme

Affiliates are more than well compensated for their efforts. They either get a percentage of the casino’s profits or are offered a fixed rate for every registered member on the website. The revenue sharing model is often the preferred choice for casino operators because it motivates the affiliate to bring in more quality traffic; players who wager on a regular basis and transform into constant revenue stream for the operators.

The Hard Numbers

The reason why affiliate programmes have become the de facto king of online casino marketing is because it is based on the hard, real numbers. The operators track how many players a particular partner is pulling in. If an affiliate is not performing, they do not get paid. The payment based on performance model acts as an ideal carrot for affiliates to bring in the traffic.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the affiliate programme is that its progress can be measured. Operators know exactly how much the traffic has increased and the increased revenue it has generated.

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