Spring Cash Chase at Mr Smith

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Players at Mr Smith Casino can now leap into spring! There’s an exciting £30,000 up for grabs in the Spring Cash Chase April 18th-25th. You can chase prizes at the Exclusive Blackjack, Exclusive Roulette and Lightning Roulette tables. There are two fantastic leaderboards, one for roulette and one for blackjack. Players have to play their way up the boards to be in with the chance to walk away with an amazing cash prize. What better way to welcome spring!

How to Win on the Exclusive Blackjack Tables

First option to participate to the campaign is blackjack. In order to take part you have to play on the Mr Smith Exclusive Blackjack tables to be in the chance to win. As you play you receive points that will get you on the leaderboard.

Points are awarded as follows:

Regular wins earn a player 1 point
Blackjack wins earn a player 10 points
Perfect pair side-bet wins and 21+3 side-bet wins both earn a payer 25 points

The more points you collect the better your chance of winning. The top 100 players on the leaderboard will receive their prizes on April 26th.

How to Win on the Exclusive and Lightning Roulette Tables

The second option to join is to play on the Exclusive Roulette and Lightning Roulette table. In this case a minimum bet is £1 and points are awarded based on a player’s win. This is then divided by their stake in a winning game round. On top of that, for every £1 placed on a winning bet, a player will earn themselves half a point. The top 100 players on the leaderboard will receive their prizes on April 26th.

Games That Qualify Towards the Promotion

Exclusive Roulette
Lightning Roulette
Exclusive Blackjack 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Exclusive Blackjack VIP

Prizes range is from £20 right up to £2,000 for the number one player on each of the leaderboards.

Terms and Conditions

Let’s not forget the inevitable terms and conditions. The promotion runs from April 18th at 17.00 CEST to April 25th at 23.59 CEST. Every weekday, the leaderboard will be updated after 17.00 CEST. Weekend updates will take place on the following Monday. The Spring Cash Chase is a promotion run by Betsson Group, which means it takes place at all of the casinos within the group.

The minimum roulette bet is £1 and outside bets are not included. They do not count towards the tournament either. For a roulette game to qualify it has to be a real money bet round. The bet round should not exceed 60% layout coverage. No more than 22 numbers can be bet on in a single game-round.

Blackjack bet behinds are included in the promotion but they have to be £10 and above. No more than two seats can be occupied by a single player at any blackjack table.

Prizes are paid out in cash and there are no wagering requirements.

Further terms and conditions do apply to this offer and are clearly laid out on the Mr Smith Casino promotions page.


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