News 18-03-2019

Enjoy the best Slot Games that Take you to Outer Space

There is plenty of action to be had on our little blue planet, but for many the true adventure lies in outer space, where the universe is vast and anything can happen. Surrender to the forces of deep space and let infinite riches come to you on the very best outer-space-themed slot games. Cosmic Fortune […]

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News 14-03-2019

Play the Best Classic video slots for Old School Gaming Fun

It seems that slot game producers are at war with each other and aim to win the battle for the development of the most innovative slot game. They apply the latest technology and the graphics of many new slot games are of excellent quality. When it comes to classic online slot games, many game developers […]

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News 09-03-2019

Which is your favourite Thor slot? Thunder Struck, Asgard or Fortunes of Asgard?

Which is the best Thor themed slot?  Is it Fortunes of Asgard with its 4 features? Or you prefer Thunderstruck for its classic feel and 4 features? Maybe you are for Asgard 3D graphics and its 8 features? A quick overview of the games This debate is more than old school games vs new school games.  It […]

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News 06-03-2019

NetEnt is going to adopt a new famous character into their online slot collection

Good news casino pundits – NetEnt will be releasing a new character to its online slots after they secured rights to create their own adaptation of Conan. Conan the Cimmerian, famously known as Conan the Barbarian is a fibs sorcery and sword hero, originally from the pulp fiction magazines. He is also known as Conan […]

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News 05-03-2019

Rock On! NetEnt to Launch Ozzy Osbourne Slot Game

In celebration of their 20thanniversary, award-winning casino game developer NetEnt launched three slots games that formed the NetEnt Rocks trilogy. This slot game trilogy consists of video slots revolving around rock ‘n roll legends and all three slots have become instant hits immediately after they were launched. In addition to Guns ‘N Roses, Jimi Hendrix […]

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News 11-02-2019

Do you know these excellent but indigenous games by NetEnt?

Whether it is your first time to play slots or you are a prolific one on the reels, you have probably come across a NetEnt slot. NetEnt Gaming is a giant online casino game provider – with hundreds of high-paying slots. What is your favourite NetEnt game? NetEnt has its own share of game titles […]

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News 03-02-2019

Have Magical Fun with the Best Fairytale slot games

As playing slot games is being in a different world, many players love to step into the magical world of fairy tales while spinning the reels. Follow the adventure of all sorts of characters from well-known story with a lot of fairy-tale magic thrown in and make fabulous winnings. There are plenty of fairy tale […]

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News 01-02-2019

Make Colourful Winnings and Play the very best Mexican-Themed Slot Games

If your online casino game has become a bit dull and boring, we invite you to bring back some colour and excitement to your casino experience. Dive into a colourful and exciting world and celebrate the very best of Mexico with the most exciting Mexican-themed slot games. Go for an upbeat and wild slot game […]

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