Mandatory slots for wannabe-detectives

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Be like Sherlock Holmes and go on a detective trail with these detective themed slots. Do you wish to be a detective? Live in the experience of actual detectives by playing the following slots.

Slots to play for all detective wannabes

Are you inspired by the stories of Sherlock Holmes – The famous detective? Would you like to be a detective? For all detecting enthusiasts, the following online slots will have you excited on an investigating trail.

Time to stay low-key, investigate crimes and catch the bad guys. In some games, you might have to decide whether you will side with the bad guys.  It all depends on the game you choose.

Whether it is after the night falls or during the day, there is a detective game for you to enjoy.

Get your note book ready and your detective cars running, as you go on a trail of crime and huge wins. 

To be an excellent detective, you must practice. You must know when, what and who to investigate. Start playing the following detective slots on these top UK online casinos.

Here are the best online slots to play if you want to be a detective

Play on the Black Widow slot and go back to the 1987’s

Transit to the 1980s and go after the black widow and her criminal friends. The Black Widow is a 5 reel and 40 payline online slot by IGT. 

The online slot is based on the 1987 Thriller film starring Debra Winger and Dennis Hopper.

Watch out for the Black Widow on the reels and look forward to some great wins as you unlock multipliers and free spins. Whether you are a high roller or you are a medium variance player, Black Widow is good for you.

Be careful not to start playing this slot in the morning; you might find yourself going on for hours.  Be keen on the Free Spins and special multipliers as they can increase your wins!

Go after the mafia in the 1960s with Kings of Chicago slot 

Have you ever heard of the prohibition era? Back when mobsters like Alcapone made millions from selling illegal liquor and landbased casinos. 

Go after real mafia members on this 5 reel and 20 payline online slots.  There is a grim-looking mobster who is smoking a cigar and a mean-looking police with an oversized hat.

Enjoy 500x your stake on Chicago slot and look forward to dripping wilds that could significantly increase your wins. Rub your hands for the Bottle Shooting Bonus Feature that activates 12 Free Spins; all with a 10x multiplier.

Join Inspector Gadget, the famous cartoon inspector

Do you remember Inspector Gadget cartoon?  Inspector Gadget was a child superhero to many online players. Can you remember his stretching arms?

Here is a new online slot based on the famous Inspector Gadget online slot. Blue Print are the developers of this game – and they have done an impressive job.

Inspector Gadget is a 5 reel and 20 payline online slot with cogwheels attached to the metal spinning when you spin. 

Satisfy your online slot appetite with exciting bonus feature including the;

•   Mission Gadget Wilds

•   Mission Penny Stacked Wilds

•   Mission Mystery Brain

•   Mission Colossal Symbols

•   Mission M.A.D Added

There’s also the M.A.D Bonus which gives you a money bonus, a thrilling prize and cash awards.

Solve the crime in the Murder Mystery slot by Playtech

Play this 5 reel and 40 payline online slot and solve the murder case.  There is a beautiful lady, a plump wealthy-looing madam, a lord and a detective. So, who is the criminal?

You also get to enjoy impressive wilds that give you up to 750 coins. There is also the Free Spins package that comes with four different options.  Each Free Spins feature or option comes with its own volatility; ranging from low to high.

During the Wild Spins, you will see two wilds on each free spins. The Wild Spins fall on reels 1 to 3. There are up to 25 Free Spins waiting for you.

Go after diamonds and criminals in the Hotline slot by NetEnt

Ferraris, diamonds, guns and crime are all you will find on the Hotline slot by NetEnt. This 5 reel and 35 payline online slot offers you a view of palm trees and a beachfront hotel.

If you are familiar with Miami Vice, you will relate to this game. From the electronic soundtrack to the lights and exciting features.

Enjoy bonus features like the Hotline bonus that gives you 3x your stake and saucy respins. There is also the Free Spins feature that significantly increases your wins.

Be part of the gang and get away with the loot on the Mob Heist slot by Proprietary

This is for all wannabe detectives – time to reveal the clues and save hostages on the Mob Heist slot by Proprietary. There is a mob in the bank and they are here to steal.

Step up your detective skills and keep your eye on the prize. Stop these thieves from stealing and get away with huge wins.

Every win on the Mob Heist slot can be doubled. It does not matter whether you win a few euros or hundreds of them.

How do I become a better detective with slots?

Research shows that playing online games can be good for your brain.  If you are looking into becoming a detective, you can start at crime themed online slots.  

You can learn how to follow up on Free Spins, bonuses and unlocking hidden gifts.  Understanding the gameplay and playing such online slots sharpens your mind.  You get to comprehend how the bonuses and free spins work, as well as other promotions.

Start playing detective themed online slots at these top UK online casinos to enjoy other huge bonuses.

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