Founded in 2012, Thunderkick is one of the most creative slot providers to have set foot in the online casino industry. They are one of those hidden gems that are easily missed out on, but once you‘ve got to know them you’ll always be looking forward to their next release. They have a huge passion for slots and this is perfectly reflected in the majority of their creations, which are very high quality ones.

Their standards are on par with the most successful and skilled companies out there, such as NetEnt and Yggdrasil. Not only are their slots visually and audibly appealing, but they often have a depth of cleverness that makes them unique and very entertaining to play. If you aren’t already familiar with them, we highly recommend taking them for a spin.

For your convenience we have gathered more or less every slot that Thunderkick has created. You’ll find these below with all of them being entirely free to play. Check them out and we guarantee that you’ll have a blast.

Thunderkick casinos

About Thunderkick

Compared to many other quality game providers, Thunderkick is a fairly small company with about 40 employees spread among two offices in Sweden and Malta. Even though they aren’t the biggest team in the casino industry, it’s definitely one of the best well-oiled ones. They truly love what they are doing and would never rush a release to risk having the quality suffer.

Taking their time with every slot, making sure that the theme, graphics, sounds and features all come together, they don’t produce as many games as some other providers. They released their first one in May 2014 and have been averaging about six slots every year.

When it comes to uniqueness, the big highlight of Thunderkick is undoubtedly their creativeness that makes many of their games unlike one another. As with other game providers not every slot is a hit, but those that stand out are truly remarkable. They are often revisited by casino enthusiasts as they are highly amusing and considered to be among the top games.

Apart from this, Thunderkick isn’t making that much noise of them. They are yet to take the step that will bring them to the next level, such as creating a back office that casino operators can use to offer in-game promotions. One neat feature that some players really love though is that many of their slots can stop spin incredibly fast.

Slot games

Browsing through Thunderkick’s slot creations you can expect to find plenty of interesting themes that are well executed. Some games are more visually appealing than others, but the graphics are always on point. The backgrounds and symbols are very detailed, while a frequent use of stunning and funny animations adds that extra spark that pleases the eyes.

The sound effects and music are of equally high quality so you can always expect your ears to be in for a treat as well. This is all part of what makes Thunderkick’s slots good, but the true deal breaker that takes many of them from being just good to being fantastic is the level of creativity reflected in them. We’re not just talking about game features, but about the entire concept of the games.

To further understand this, let’s take a few examples of some slots that in our opinion are among the best ones they have created:

  • Flame Busters
  • Pink Elephants
  • Zoom
  • Fruity Warp

Flame Busters

Am I really spinning on a slot or am I playing the first Super Mario Bros game released by Nintendo? This is a question you may ask, because in this game you will find an absolutely charming design with old-school graphics that looks just like an old 8-bit console game. As if this wasn’t special enough, symbols in the slot include a weird mix of firemen, wizards, pirates, robots and smoking goats.

Pink Elephants

To the unconscious eye Pink Elephants may just be a beautiful looking slot with a huge win potential, but for those who have been at rave parties and experienced that culture there is a lot more to it. As a transcendent music is playing, your goal in the game is to collect magical peanuts (scatters) that will summon pink elephants (in a free spin feature).

I don’t know about you, but to us this sound exactly like the stereotypic psychedelic adventure. To further enhance the notion of this and adding some humor to the game, the slot revolves around a spiritual family of rodents that worship these colorful elephants.


This game was probably created on a day when the crew at Thunderkick was sober as it isn’t as out-there as the other two. With that being said, it’s definitely not your ordinary 5-reel, 3-row slot either. It’s a game that’s divided into six 2×2 position boxes and whenever a special Z symbol appears in one of these boxes all positions in it will merge to create a huge symbol. This will also cause a re-spin and if enough boxes get the Z symbol; these too will merge with each other resulting in a massive symbol that is covering two thirds of the screen.

Fruit Warp

We’ve seen fruit slots a thousand times, but we’ve never seen three dimensional cherries, bananas, oranges and other healthy sweets spinning in a vacuum. Well, at least not until Thunderkick came along and created Fruit Warp. This game is truly unique as it has no reels at all, but in every game round nine fruits are being thrown right at you and are then harmoniously floating on the screen.

Target audience

As many successful game providers, Thunderkick is aiming to please as many players as possible with their slots. The volatility level in them is therefore varying, which means that some slots will give you frequent winnings but have a low win potential, while others can generate massive winnings but will not pay as often. All in all most of their games are, however, in the medium and high volatility range.

Winnings are of course always important, but when it comes to target audience, Thunderkick’s slots are best suited for those who are looking to have a good time. The games aren’t packed with features to trigger, but usually you’ll find free spins as well as a single base game feature. As we have already mentioned, many slots are, however, designed in very interesting ways that make them really fun to play.

As of now, Thunderkick unfortunately don’t have any jackpot games, but if you’re looking for incredible winnings the Carnival Queen slot can pay up to 22700 times your stake. It may not compare to a million pound win from a jackpot, but it’s a lot never the less.


The creative minds of Thunderkick began their journey in 2012 when the company was founded in Sweden. It all started with the ambition of enhancing the experience of casino players, which they would aim to do by creating unique slots of high quality.

The first game they created was Esqueleto Explosivo and this truly showed the path of cleverness that Thunderkick was going to embrace. Feature wise it’s quite a simple slot, but with enchanting skeletons singing a lovely tune as their heads viciously explode on winning combinations, it’s very entertaining and unusual. 

As you may know from trying out their games, the releases that followed were just as creative and many players quickly came to love the company. The success hasn’t been as big with online casinos though as a lot of them weirdly enough don’t offer their slots. If you’re playing with one of the best and most popular once you can, however, be sure to find them available.