Free spins, free spins, free spins!

The amount of free spin offers you’ll find and the effort put into these will, however, vary greatly from one gambling site to another. That’s why we at have gathered some of Britain’s finest online casinos and conveniently listed these below.

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Why should I pick one of these UK free spin casinos?

You will first of all find plenty of promotions that will give you free spins. That’s why you’re here right? All of the casinos that we list regularly offer new bonuses and it’s often free spins that are on the menu. The selection can’t get much better than what these casinos offer.

This alone isn’t enough for us to recommend you the sites that we have though – far from. Even if you’re looking for free spin bonuses there are several other things that can also be important for a good casino experience. This includes the following:

  • The casino being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission (to guarantee your security).
  • A huge amount of casino games and a wide variety of casino products to choose from.
  • Withdrawals being processed in a timely manner (within 24 hours).
  • A customer support that is always available to help you out on live chat.
  • Mobile apps that can be downloaded for a great experience on smart phones and tablets.
  • Be experienced in your mobile casino

In addition to the many free spins bonuses you’ll find, all of the casinos that we list live up to the things mentioned above. They are high quality sites that you don’t want to miss out on.

Types of free spin offers at UK casinos

As mentioned in the introduction, free spins can be earned in several different types of promotions. Sometimes the offers are very simple and straight forward and sometimes they’ve been designed in creative and interesting ways. To give you a glimpse of the free spin offers at the UK casinos we have suggested, we have listed some of the promotions that you’ll be able to encounter.

Simple free spin bonuses

Among the most straight forward promotions you’ll be able to find the following ones:

Welcome bonus spins
These are free spins that you’ll get as part of the online casino’s welcome offer by making a minimum deposit of a certain amount. It is in other words a type of bonus that only new registering players can take part of.  

Free spins matched by a deposit
This is a type of simple promotion that will give you a certain amount of free spins depending on the amount of money you deposit. It could for instance be that a £20 deposit will give you 30 free spins while a £40 deposit will give you 60.

Good will spins
Getting free spins as a good will bonus is often a possibility for loyal players who have recently had some unlucky casino sessions. By speaking with the casino’s customer support you may be able to get a couple of good will spins for free.


Advanced free spin bonuses

Among the more creatively designed promotions you’ll be able to find the following ones:

Free spins for completing missions
In this type of offer you’re required to complete a certain mission to get your free spins. It could for instance be that a bonus has to be triggered in three different slots to get your reward. It could also be that you get new spins every time that a certain feature appears in a certain way, such as getting three wild reels in Starburst.

Lottery spins
Various lottery campaigns are quite common at the online casinos we have listed. While the top prize in these often consist of an exotic trip, a big cash boost or some fancy gadget, a larger amount of free spins can usually be won in them as well. Normally you’ll collect lottery tickets by playing on a certain slot. The more money you wager on this the more tickets you’ll get and at the end of the promotion period a couple of winners will be randomly selected. 

Free spins in slot tournaments
Slot tournaments can come in many different variations, but what they all tend to have in common is that you’ll compete against other players in a specific game. It could for instance be that every player is allowed to make 200 spins in a slot and those who win the most during these spins (relative to the stake) will finish in the top. The reward for this is often a larger amount of free spins.

Quickspin free spins
This promotion is quite different to the other ones that we’ve mentioned. You’ll be able to take part of it by playing certain slots from the game provider Quickspin, such as Big Bad Wolf. In the slot you’ll find an achievement menu that holds several goals that you’re able to complete. By completing these you’ll receive special coins that can be exchanged to the actual free spin feature in the slot or in any other game that is also part of the promotion. 

What is it that makes a free spin bonus good?

Well, with only a very few exceptions we would say that all free spins bonuses are good. You do after all get something extra that can generate a good amount of money. And in difference to deposit offers that give you bonus cash, you will never lock your real money balance with free spin bonuses. Simply because you’re able to play the spins after you’ve either cashed out your own money or spent them all.

With that being said, one free spin offer can of course vary greatly in value compared to another. There isn’t any clear definition to what the best type of bonus would be though. There are several factors that can affect the value of free spin offers and as players we rate these differently. The different factors are the following ones:

  • The number of free spins you can get
  • The slot you receive the free spins on
  • The size of the wagering requirement
  • If the free spins require a deposit or not

If we were to decide ourselves we could of course all agree that a huge amount of free spins with no wagering and no deposit required would be the ultimate promotion. No matter how hard we look we won’t ever find this combination though.

Free spins winnings as real money with no wagering

For the majority of casino enthusiasts the wagering requirement is probably the most interesting factor when it comes to free spins. The higher this is the harder it’s going to be to cash out the winnings that they’ve generated. Therefore there are many players who are looking for offers where you get your free spin winnings as real money. In other words free spins with no wagering required.

Haven’t heard about a wagering requirement before?

No matter if we’re talking about free spins at UK casinos or a deposit bonus giving you extra money, these offers will often come with a wagering requirement. This means that the extra money you’ve received from your free spin winnings or the deposit is credited as a bonus that can’t be cashed out at once. Before you can you will have to stake the bonus amount a certain number of times.

Quite a common wagering requirement is for instance 30x. In case you have won £100 from 50 free spins you’ve received, you would have to stake a total of £3000 (£100 * 30) before being able to cash this out. If staking £10 per spin in a slot, you would have to make 300 spins.

Free spins at casinos as a no deposit bonus

For players who have a limited budget or who aren’t interested in investing any of their own cash at all, no deposit free spins is clearly considered to be the most valuable type of free spin bonus. These are spins that you’ll get for free.

As you can imagine it’s not that common to find these types of spins at online casinos, but to attract players some do actually offer them as a registration gift. This means that you’ll get a smaller amount of spins by just having an account created with the gambling site.

Another way that you can get free spins at casinos as a no deposit bonus is as a good will. This won’t be completely free though as to qualify for the good will you would have to be a loyal player that have actually made some deposits with the site.


Getting 100 free spins or 50 or 20 or 10

A factor that will always impact the value of a free spin bonus is of course how many spins you are able to get from the promotion. It’s a big difference getting 100 free spins or 50. Not to mention only getting 20 or 10.

The number of spins you’ll get is often related to what type of promotion it is. Among UK casinos offering free spins as a welcome bonus you normally get a large amount such as 100. These can even be free from wagering as welcome offers tend to be very valuable.

A smaller amount such as 50 free spins is more commonly found in other promotions that casinos run. Mainly those where you have to complete a certain mission or receive the spins by just making a deposit. For lotteries and slot tournaments you can actually get well over 100 free spins.

When it comes to only receiving a very small amount of spins such as 10, these are often part of a free spin no deposit bonus offered as a registration gift.

The slot you can play the free spins on

Just like the amount of free spins, the game you’re able to play them on will always have an impact on their value. As you may or may not know, the spins you receive usually have the same value as the lowest stake of the slot they’re offered on. There are exceptions to the rule as you can sometimes get “mega” or “super” spins that have a higher value, but in most cases the earlier is true.

What this means is that it’s a big difference receiving free spins on Starburst and receiving free spins on a game like Mega Fortune. The spins in the latest mentioned slot are worth 2.5 times as much as the minimum stake in Mega Fortune is £0.25, whereas the minimum one in Starburst is £1.

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Tips and tricks when taking part of free spins at online casinos

Unlike poker and sports betting that has a level of skill involved, there’s not that much that we can do to increase our winnings when playing casino games. If we end a session in profit or not is much up for lady luck to decide. Even though she may always have the last saying, taking part of free spins that online casinos offer can, however, increase our winning chances a bit.

Doing so it’s not only the type of free spin bonus that can have an impact on our end results. Many times we’re able to affect them ourselves by making more or less advantageous decisions. We’re talking about three things here – fulfilling the wagering requirement on a game with a high RTP, fulfilling it on a game with a low volatility and choosing the right slot to play your free spins on.

Wager your free spin winnings on a high RTP game

When you’re taking part of free spins at online casinos and these come with a wagering requirement (which most do), you can always impact the amount of winnings you’ll have left when the wagering is done. The higher the RTP of the game you’re playing, the more money you’ll be expected to have left once the wagering has been fulfilled. In the long run that is.

Haven’t heard about RTP before?

RTP is short for “Return to Player” and is a percentual value that exists (and can be found) in every casino game online. It shows you how much money you’re expected to win in the long run. Should a game have an RTP of 96% this does for instance mean that you’ll on average receive £96 back for every £100 staked in it.

If we’re talking about short term results the slot’s volatility level will be much more of a deciding factor than comparing a 96% RTP game with a 98% one.  

Wager you free spin winnings on a low volatile game

If you want to make sure that the money you’ve won from playing your free spins isn’t lost before the wagering is completed, volatility is the key. There are of course never any guarantees that you’ll have any money left when it’s done, but if you choose a really low volatile game such as Blood Suckers your chances are pretty good.

Haven’t heard about volatility before?

Just like RTP, volatility is a value that exists in every casino game online. The term can be translated into a risk and reward ratio. The higher the volatility, the higher the winnings you’re able to receive in the game. However, on the way to these winnings you’ll often experience a lot of losses.

On the contrary, a low volatile game can’t pay as much, but you are much more likely to win in the short run. If you imagine a graph of losses and winnings, high volatile games will give you huge valleys and deep pits, while low volatile ones won’t fluxuate very much.

Unfortunately the volatility level is never described in games, but this is something you’ll have to figure out yourself. To get a good idea of it you can look at the game’s winning potential. If you can win a lot it probably has a high volatility and vice versa.

Choose the right slot to play your free spins on

When UK casinos offer free spins in a promotion you’ll often find that they have given you a range of different slots that you’re able to play the spins on. When this is the case you can often affect the value of the bonus.

As mentioned previously in the article, free spins usually have the same value as the lowest stake of the game you’re playing them on. To get the most out of the offer, you should therefore make sure to use your spins on the slot with the highest minimum stake.

If you were able to choose between Starburst (£0.1 stake), Bonanza (£0.2 stake) and Mega Fortune (£0.25 stake) the last mentioned game would give you the best value.  

Terms and conditions on free spins at online casinos

For the vast majority of free spins offered at online casinos you will find that these come with certain rules known as terms and conditions. These should always be available in combination with the offer. If they aren’t, speak with the customer support as reading them is very important. They tell you what you’re required to do to take part of the bonus and what you’re not allowed to do when using it.

The terms and conditions will often vary from one free spin bonus to another, but below we have listed some of the most common ones that you’re likely to come across.

Wagering required before a cash out
Unless you get your free spin winnings credited as real money, the amount you win from them must always be wagered a certain amount of times before you’re able to make a cash out. This is the case for the majority of free spin offers in the UK.

Time limit to the wagering
When your free spins come with a wagering requirement, this usually has to be completed within a certain period of time. If it isn’t all of your winnings will be lost. It’s important to pay close attention to this condition as the time frame can be very short – a few days or even as little as 24 hours.

Max bet allowed when wagering

In addition to a time limit, it’s common for bonuses to have a max bet when they’re being wagered. This means that you aren’t allowed to stake more than a certain amount of money per game round and often also per pay line in a slot.

Different games have different wagering contributions
While wagering £1 on a slot will usually contribute with £1 to the wagering requirement, this is rarely the case for every type of casino product. Table games such as roulette and blackjack do for instance often have a much lower contribution which is stated in the terms and conditions. Should this be set to 10% this would mean that £1 staked on roulette would only contribute with £0.1 to the wagering.  

Bonus cannot be used with e-Wallet deposits
When it comes to welcome bonuses it’s quite common that free spins offered by UK casinos won’t be triggered if you deposit with an e-Wallet such as Skrill, Neteller or PayPal. For other offers this isn’t as common of a rule, but it does occur on these as well.

Offer can only be taken part of once
No matter if we’re talking about free spin bonuses or any other promotional offer, the conditions will almost always state that you can only use it once. It is usually not only limited to you as a person, but also to your IP-address and household. In other words, your partner would not be allowed to use the bonus if you have already done so (and vice versa).

Maximum cash out amount
Opposed to the other mentioned rules this one is quite rare. You’ll normally only find it on free spins offered for free as part of a registration gift. As a way for the online casino to reduce their costs they sometimes limit the amount you’re allowed to cash out from these types of free spins. It could for instance be that you aren’t allowed to withdraw more than £50 of the winnings you make.

Frequently asked questions about free spins in the UK

Can I use any deposit method to get free spins?
For most offers you can use any deposit method that the casino supports. However, when it comes to welcome bonuses it’s quite common that e-Wallets are blocked.

Why won’t some free spin bonuses trigger with e-Wallets?
This is because these payment methods are anonymous. To prevent people from abusing the bonus by creating several accounts some casinos find blocking e-Wallets to be the most efficient solution.

What happens if I break the terms and conditions of a bonus?
It can have severe consequences. Not only can you lose the bonus and all of the winnings that it has generated, but you may also be banned from the casino.

What’s the best type of free spins in the UK?
This depends on what you personally prefer, but generally speaking it’s hard to beat free spins with no deposit and no wagering. You get these for free and the winnings are credited as pure cash which means that you can withdraw them whenever you want. As you can imagine these types of spins are very rare to come across.

Can you transfer free spins to other players?
No, never. They are locked to your account and can only be used by you.

What is a fair wagering requirement of a free spin offer?
We would say 30x is a fair one. Anything below is absolutely great. Anything above isn’t bad as it’s always good to get spins, but it might be difficult to complete the wagering and still have winnings left.

What slots can I use my free spins on?
This will vary from one bonus to another. It should be stated in the promotional bonus text. If not, then you can find it in the terms and conditions.

I was supposed to receive 50 free spins but only got 10, why?
With some offers, especially welcome bonuses, you get the free spins over several days. If you are supposed to receive 50 it may be that you’ll receive 10 every day for 5 consecutive days.