Top casinos offering free spins on Starburst with no deposit in the UK

These days there are thousands of thrilling slot machines that we as casino enthusiasts are able to find excitement in online. No game has, however, been more spun on than the colorful space adventure that NetEnt released back in 2013. We are of course talking about the magnificent Starburst.

With the slot being incredibly popular and bonuses being efficient ways for casinos to attract players, this has resulted in plenty of lucrative ways to get free spins on Starburst with no deposit in the UK. You are in other words able to reap the rewards of this great slot and win real money on it without ever having to risk any of your own.

To show you the path to these valuable offers we at have gathered some of the best casinos offering free spins on Starburst with no deposit in the UK. You’ll find these fantastic gambling sites conveniently listed below.



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Why do UK casinos offer free spins on Starburst with no deposit?

As you probably already know, getting free spins with no deposit basically means that you’re receiving free cash from the casino. You don’t have to invest any money of your own, yet the gambling site is rewarding you with free spins that can be turned into a substantial cash boost. It almost sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

So why do UK casinos offer free spins on Starburst with no deposit required? Is it because they make so much profit that they feel obliged to give something back to the community? It could be, but it probably isn’t. The reality is that they’re smart enough to know that it’s a great marketing strategy.

These days there are hundreds if not thousands of online casinos that we as thrill seekers can visit. This means that it’s super tough for many operators to attract and retain players. Especially for those who don’t have big budgets to advertise themselves everywhere. This is where bonuses can be a very efficient tool.

The vast majority of us who appreciate gambling absolutely love lucrative offers that will increase our chances of winning. And what’s better than getting something for free? It is of course true that if we only grab the no deposit free spins offered on Starburst and never return it would just be a cost for the casino. But this isn’t the case.

You may not be one of the players that will stay to make a deposit and perhaps even find it to be your favorite casino to visit for a daily dose of excitement. A sufficient number of thrill seekers will, however, which makes the no deposit free spins offered on Starburst a good investment for the operator.

In difference to what you may think the cost for the casino is normally also quite a low one. Even though some of them offer free spins with no wagering and no deposit, most bonuses come with a wagering requirement. The essence of this is that only a small percentage of players will actually manage to make a cash out.

Tell me more about the wagering requirement!

Alright, so if you haven’t heard about this before it simply means that you have to stake a certain amount of money before being able to withdraw any winnings. As an example we can imagine a scenario where you have been lucky enough to win £50 playing your no deposit free spins on Starburst. 

If the offer came with a wagering requirement these winnings won’t be credited to your account as real cash, but as a bonus balance. This amount of bonus money must now be staked. How many times depends on the magnitude of the wagering requirement, but could for instance be 30 times. 

So with £50 in winnings and a 30x wagering required, you would have to play for a total of £1500 before being able to make a cash out. If lady luck keeps rewarding you this could very well result in a much bigger withdrawal once the wagering is fulfilled. As you’ll always have the odds against you playing casino it is, however, more likely that you’ll end up with less.

Is there anything else I should know about the wagering?

There is indeed! To ensure that the winnings you’ve made from your no deposit free spin on Starburst aren’t lost, you usually have to fulfill the wagering within a certain period of time. It could for instance be three days.

It’s also important to know that the contribution towards the wagering requirement can be different between different types of games. If you play slots you usually don’t have to think about this. Should you, however, turn to table games it’s quite common that £1 staked on these won’t contribute more than £0.05 – £0.2. The wagering requirement does, in other words, tend to be much higher on these types of games.

The true value of no deposit free spins on Starburst

We’ve been blabbering on about how beneficial no deposit free spins on Starburst can be for UK casinos. They are, however, of course just as advantageous for us as players. That’s the true beauty of many bonuses that gambling sites offer – it’s a mutual gain.

Even though your no deposit free spins on Starburst may come with a wagering requirement, you never have anything to risk. If lady luck isn’t by your side you may not get the cash boost you were hoping for, but you won’t be losing any money either as you aren’t making any deposit. The only time you may have to do so is if you have actually profited from your spins.

I have to deposit to cash out my free spin winnings from Starburst?

Usually not, but sometimes yes. It’s a bit ironic, we know. The thing is that all free spin offers on Starburst come with certain terms and conditions. While the wagering requirement normally is the most important one, a small percentage of casinos have added the rule of having to deposit to cash out. 

In addition to this it’s also quite common that they have a general rule stating that any deposit made must be turned over once. So let’s say that you have won £50 from your free spins on Starburst. To cash out you may have to deposit £10 (which is usually the minimum amount) and then stake this amount once.

Terms and conditions that come with free spins on Starburst

Whether you’re taking part of free spins on Starburst with no deposit or free spins on Starburst with one they always come with certain terms and conditions. We have already covered two important ones in the article; the wagering requirement and the possible need of having to deposit to cash out.

While the rules of one free spin offer can vary greatly to another, there are two other terms and conditions that are fairly common to come across. The first one is that the bonus can only be taken part of once per person, household and IP-address.

This one is very important as it means that you and your spouse or roommate can’t both take part of the bonus. Well, you can, but you aren’t allowed to. If the casino notices that the offer has already been taken part of from your IP they’ll remove all of your winnings and may also close your account.

The other rule usually only appears on free spins on Starburst with no deposit. This states that you can’t withdraw more than a certain amount of the winnings that you’ve made from your spins. It may for instance be that £50 is the maximum cash out that you’re allowed to make.

It’s highly recommended that you always pay close attention to the terms and conditions that your free spins on Starburst come with. You should always be able to find them in conjunction with the offer. If you don’t, have a chat with the customer support.

Frequently asked questions about no deposit free spins on Starburst

How can I get free spins on starburst with no deposit?
The easiest way of getting them is usually through sign up offers that casinos run. In other words, by just having an account registered with the operator. You could, however, also find them as a reward in slot tournaments that are free to participate in and sometimes also as a refer-a-friend bonus.

Why are free spins on Starburst so commonly offered?
One of the reasons is that the slot is an incredibly popular one that almost everyone knows about. Another is that the spins are quite cheap for the casinos as they’re normally only worth £0.1. They can offer lots of them without suffering from any huge costs.

Is verification needed when taking part of no deposit free spins on Starburst in the UK?
Yes. A verification process is always required at some point and if you haven’t made a deposit with the casino this will always occur on your first withdrawal. In other words, when making a cash out of the winnings generated from your free spins on Starburst.

Why weren’t my no deposit free spins on Starburst credited to my account?
If you can’t find them when opening up Starburst it may be that they’re not instantly credited. What do the terms and conditions of the offer say? It could be that you’ll get them within 24 hours or that they’ll have to be manually added. Speak with the customer support and they should be able to help you out.