News 18-04-2019

Thrilling Eastern Themed Slots You Could Play Today

Spare some time for fun and claim your treasures from the Far East, with these Eastern-themed online slots. We are talking dragons, princesses, martial arts, traditional celebrations and treasures.  Here are some of the most exciting Eastern-themed slots Enjoy a wild night of electric music with Tokyo Nights Extreme Go into the underworld of Tokyo […]

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News 13-04-2019

Go Wild on the Best Western-themed Slot Games

The theme of the American Wild West has not only inspired many films, it’s a popular theme for slot games too. The times of the Wild West might have lasted only for a decade and a bit but they have been romanticised forever since as a time of great adventure and opportunity. In the Wild […]

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News 04-04-2019

Be bold on the best Viking-themed Slot Games

The lives and times of the Vikings have always spoken to the imagination and for slot game providers they seem a great source of inspiration. The Vikings have produced heroic history with all their sea-faring journeys and conquests. Celebrate the culture of the Vikings and take your share of the loot. Discover the best Viking-themed […]

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News 02-04-2019

Symptoms of unhealthy gambling and how to gamble responsibly

How do you gamble responsibly at online casinos? People have made millions and even careers out of gambling – how did they do it? Responsible gambling Gamling responsible is simply being in control of your betting habits and activity. It is possible to gamble without it interfering with your everyday life. Research shows that people […]

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News 29-03-2019

Have some fearsome Fun with the Best Spooky Slots Part 1

Some of us players, we just love to dive into the darker side of life. Being attracted to things that might be scary, you love to play slot games with a spooky theme. Discover a great selection of scary slots for any time of year. Because there are quite a few brilliant scary slot games […]

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News 27-03-2019

How to choose the best slot game – payouts, jackpots

Here are the best tips for picking a winning online slot. All about checking RTPs, payouts, jackpots and pay lines. Are you ready to know how to win with online slots? Every online slot is different, from the graphic structure to gameplay and payouts. Online slots are exciting – the sounds, the movement of the […]

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News 20-03-2019

Most exciting movie-themed slots

What is your favourite movie-themed online slot? These are thrilling video slots based on the biggest blockbuster movies of all time! What’s up with movie themed online slots? What your favourite movie of all time? How would you like it your favourite movie was turned into a money-making machine – a slot? There is no […]

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