Scatter Symbols – What Are They And How Do They Work?

scatters in slot

Among the most vital things in gambling or gaming is to understand the rules and regulations before doing anything. This is to ensure that you maximize on the advantages available, and in this case, the scatter symbol. Scatter symbols are known to be among the most loved offers. In today’s online slot machines, there are plenty of pay lines as well as interactive animated bonus rounds; and there are advanced sets of rules for that matter. Scatter symbols may not be a new idea, but their today`s use is revolutionary. So, what are scatter symbols and how do they work?

The Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is essentially the key to unlocking different fun bonus features in slot games. Unlike the symbols that must line up on the pay line to win, the scatter only needs to show up on the reels to release mini-games and free spins among other bonuses. These symbols are basically among the top paying symbols in the slots and are represented by specific graphics that are usually unique to the slot’s theme.

The Original Scatter

Originally, scatter symbols were red cherries. A win on the slot machine would require like symbols to be lined up on all or most of the reels on the pay-line, but the double cherries scatter payout despite where they show up or what they align to. As you hit more scatter symbols in a spin, you win more money, though the winnings are minimal. It is, however, profitable since the winnings credited to the symbols are combined with whichever winning lines in the same spin.

The Digital Slots

As the slot machines started to be controlled by computers, the slot designers were able to develop a more intricate set of rules. Among them was the bonus features. Most bonus features are usually activated when a certain number of scatter symbols are hit in one spin. These days, the bonus rounds could be anything from free spins to completely interactive bonus games, and it is even possible to stack the bonus features in some newer slot machines. For example, you are able to get rewards from two active bonuses all at once.

How the Scatter Symbols Work

The symbols vary from others in two ways. First, they do not have to appear on the win line to grant a win. Instead of this, the scatter symbols usually appear anywhere on any of the reels for you to win. Second, the wild symbols can never replace the scatter symbols.

Rules governing scatters differ in different games, so it’s important to check the pay table before playing. This way, you will be able to know what you are aiming for. It is common to find three or even more scatter symbols appearing on the reels, hence resulting in wins being multiplied. The scatters multiply all the wins combined, not the line win alone.

There is usually a scatter icon that can be used to initiate the bonus game. Therefore, if you get three scatters on the payline, you trigger a feature of that slot. The features vary from free spins to bonus games. Some of the famous slots like Wild Rockets, playable at Betsafe, use a mix of scatter symbols to launch bonus rounds.

What is the Reward for The Scatter?

The specific details of the possible winnings from scatter symbols varies from slot to slot. Some slot machines have nothing, while others have plenty. The rules of the slot machines are a sure indicator of whether there are rewards or not.

Are Scatter Symbols Featured on all Slot Machines?

The scatter is more of a standard feature in almost all the 5-reel slots but is not so common among the 3-reel slot machines. Scatters can also feature in progressive jackpot games, slots containing bonus games, 7-reel games and any other kind of slot you can think of.

How to Know A game contains Scatters

You will easily know this if you check the pay table. In a slot’s pay table, you will see all the information about the signs; this includes all the scatter symbols available and the wild and bonus elements. The pay table generally gives all the information about the specific slot game. Going through the pay table, therefore, enables you to know if the game is worth playing. Important things like the scatter symbols, the bonus icons and wilds will guide you. You will also know how these features work in that game and how they lead to bonuses.