Jumbo joker

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About Jumbo Joker

Jumbo Joker is another beautiful slot with 3 reels and 5 paylines. It is actually played on 2 reels. It was released in 2017 by the amazing slot developers – Betsoft. It comes with no wilds, no scatters, no bonus rounds or gamble but it is still very exciting and interesting to play.

Jumbo Joker Design

The game is a jolly and colorful slot. The visuals are beautiful and the slot itself is easy to play. The patterned blue background on the main screen of the game comes with every information you need to know, including all of the important pay tables. You will find fruits like lemons, cherries, watermelons and items like treasure chests and jokers.

Play Jumbo Joker On Mobile

Jumbo Joker is fully optimized for mobile and can be played on all mobile devices

Jumbo Joker Rules

The two reel sets consist of three reels each and both reels has 5 paylines. You are allowed to bet from 1 to 10 coins per spin. Betting 1 coin gives you 1 payline and betting 10 coins gives you all 5 paylines. There is a minimum bet of € 0.01 and a minimum bet of € 200. You should however note that you can only play bigger bets when the Jumbo meter is activated.
You can spin one of the two reels sets in the base game. Your winnings will go to the Jumbo Meter if you win higher than 20 coins and you will be allowed to spin in case you want more than a coin. You can choose not to spin again and walk away with your prize, all you need to do is press the collect button. The Jumbo meter is active for not more than 15 spins.

Jumbo Joker Bonus Play And Free Spins

As already stated, Jumbo Joker comes with no wilds or free spins. It however has two special features. One of them is the Jumbo Meter. The Jumbo Meter allows you increase your wins. You have the opportunity to invest in it when you make a win that isn’t less than 20 coins.
The second special feature is the Mystery Prize. This is triggered whenever you land a wild on an active payline. This mystery prize depends on your bet level. At the first bet level, the prize is between 10 to 200 coins. At bet level 10, the prize is between 20 to 400 coins. When the Jumbo Meter is activated with 20 or 40 coins, your prize could range from 100 to 2000 coins.

Jumbo Joker RTP And Volatility

Jumbo Joker comes with a return to player rate of 95%.

Jumbo Joker Symbols

The symbols include the wild symbol, lemons, melons, cherries, bells, treasure chests and clowns.

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