Outerspace Invaders Slot Game Review

outerspace invaders

Ambush the skies and take over space with the Outerspace Invaders online slot. There is a scary octopus coming with an army of flying saucers and foot soldier aliens armed with death rays – and they want to take hostages. Time to put on your armour and join a world of aliens and advanced weapons.

Overview of Outerspace Invaders

Independent Game providers, PearFiction, have recently released their second online slot game. Outerspace Invaders is one of those movie-like online slots with a beautiful woman. But this time, she is the hero. Outerspace invaders is a bliss of B-movie cliches. All you have to do is survive the alien invasion of 1950s Suburbia.

Design & Layout

Outerspace Invaders is a 4×3 online slot with the not-so-classical movie storyline. According to Thierry Semoff, Pearfiction’s CEO, the company wanted to steer away from the typical damsel in distress storyline.

“The gameplay obviously comes first but we are glad to be able to overthrow expectation of typical games in online casinos…We are showing a powerful and practical woman saving the day in a time in history where women’s rights were undermined…”
– Thierry Semoff, CEO PearFiction

All aspects of the game are brilliantly designed to suit the modern player. The background includes buildings and other infrastructure. The sky is mostly orange so you can clearly see the UFO spaceships coming to invade.

All graphics are user-friendly, game options are easily accessible on the screen and the fonts are easy to read. Plus all characters have been excellently designed; from Rachel in her red dress to the mean general in his red hat. As for the aliens, expect a horrific, one-eyed green octopus.


Outerspace Invaders is not only action-packed but the game comes with very intriguing symbols. They include; an evil octopus, Rachel, a shotgun, a grenade and a baseball bat.
Rachel must use the weapons to attack Zerk the Octopus and rescue her handsomely blonde-haired finance.

Land two shotguns on the reels to do long-distance damage.

Rachel is so lethal that she can launch a grenade with just one wink. The baseball bat does extreme damage.

Rachel is an expanding wild. Whenever you land this gorgeous lady in red, you increase your odds of big wins.

Standard symbols include the full suite of royals cards; 10, Jack, King and Queen. Have fun with other default symbols including the mean General and a scared soldier.

Special Features

Free Spins

With detailed graphics and advanced animations, the free spins are quite fun. In fact, the Zerk is cheekily checking his watch whenever multiple free spins pass without him being damaged.
Defeat Zerk as Rachel assists you to fight against alien invasion to earn a multiplier between 2x and 10x on the remaining free spins. If you fail, Zerk will take Rachel’s fiancé as a hostage.

Rachel’s Revenge

Land 3, 4 or 5 free spins symbol and receive 8, 12 or 20 free spins, respectively. The more you receive, the sicker Zerk becomes.

Radar Shootout Rounds Bonus Game

This feature is based on arcade shooters. You are supposed to step up to an old-fashioned radar screen then choose to shoot down a single saucer from 8 spaceships.
Choose correctly to advance to the next stage, where the multiplier significantly increases. If you choose wrong, you receive a pixel game-over message on the screen and conclude the bonus.


So, is the Outerspace Invaders slot worth a play? Yes, the game has an impressive gameplay and advanced features. You are most likely to take delight in the outstanding audiovisuals, simple gameplay and amusing characters. You can find this game at major online casinos.

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