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7 sins slot cover image 07/03/2018

7 Sins Slot review

7 Sins Slot is a Christian themed Play`n Go slot machine based on the seven deadly sins identified in the Bible as pride, envy, […]

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the best rock inspired slot games 06/03/2018

The Best Rock Inspired Slot Games

Both land-based and online casino operators are always looking for newer ways to bring in newer subscribers as well as ways to keep up […]

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kings of chicago slot feature image 05/03/2018

Kings of Chicago Slot Review – Try it for fun

The Kings of Chicago slot is the first NetEnt game released with a blend of the important elements of Video Poker into Video Slot. […]

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dollars in wagering stacks 05/03/2018

What is Wagering?

The short definition for Wagering is simply another word for betting. A wager is any amount of money or in some rare situations, an […]

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change your gambling habits 01/03/2018

Gambling the Healthy Way

There are people who can gamble without letting it become a problem, but to may, it gradually becomes an addiction. The urge to gamble […]

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geisha slot 28/02/2018

Asian Slot Games

Asia is among the continents where a vast number of gambling games were created, many of them still being played to date. This has […]

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slots with best rtp 22/02/2018

Top 5 Slots With the Best Payouts

The best chances of winning at any casino rely on a lot of factors and steps. However, the most important thing you should consider […]

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slot machine symbols 19/02/2018

Slot Symbols – What Do They Mean?

Slots are relatively simple games to play but there are a number of different aspects that are important to understand before beginning play. The […]

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