Online Scratch Cards – Quick And Easy Fun

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Online scratch cards are the ultimate games of luck. There is usually no perfect strategy but it is believed that luck plays a huge role in the results? Knowing gamblers and superstition, scratch cards have been the subject of luck ritual for years. What is your ‘good luck’ ritual right before a scratch card game?

Online scratch card games were first launched in the 1990s. Two American game developers decided to create something that will reduce the waiting time. (Back then, it took past a week to know if you had won or not).

Types of online scratch cards

For many decades till a few years ago, scratch cards were bought from the local vendors and supermarkets. Thanks to advancement in technology, we no longer have to get out of the house to get a scratch card. You can easily play from the location of your choice, on any one of the many online casinos available.


These are the most common types of online scratch cards games. Have fun scratching cards for huge prizes from your web browser. As long as your browser has the flash plugin, the game should be playable on your device.

The industry has also seen the advent of web-based charity lotteries where people play for a cause.


In this case, you must download the software to play the scratch cards games. Once you install the software, you will be directly connected to the game provider and will require a browser.

Note there the scratch cards market is full of different designs and themes. Whether you like sports scratch games, fantastical or magical themes, you will find a scratch card for you. There are many online casinos offering an array of scratch cards.

Why Play Scratch Cards?

There is really no perfect way of winning a scratch card game. All you have to do is buy a ticket, scratch the surface and see whether you have won or not. If you have ever bought a scratch card, then you know the adrenaline that comes when scratching.

Experience the thrill

Playing scratch cards online is one of the most definite get-rich-quick schemes (if you win). The thought of winning the jackpot is in itself exciting. Just imagining yourself holding a huge check is quite riveting.

Low-cost fun and gamble

People love scratch card games because they are cheaper as compared to other casino games. Scratch cards games come at a low cost in many online casinos.

The wins are significantly big

Winning a scratch card will most probably change your life. The jackpots are usually huge. For just a £5 card, you could win £1M! You never know if it is your lucky day.

In conclusion, a scratch cards game ends as fast as you reveal the symbols.

  • Always read the terms and regulations and examine the paytables and prizes.
  • Based on the prizes, decide how much you are willing to bet for the lottery. At most online casinos, the more you bet, the more your chances of winning.

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