Superstition Among Gamblers


Gamblers are some of the most superstitious people in the planet. Although how superstition works varies from player to player, one thing’s for sure. The myths and misconceptions of gambling can be wildly hilarious.

Superstition Is Not To Play With

What is your gambling superstition? What are some of the things that you must do before or during a gambling game? Whether you play poker, slots or live games, having a superstition is normal.

You would be surprised to know the superstitions of other gamblers. Here, we have some of the craziest gambling myths in the world.

The universe favours the broken-hearted and lonely

This superstition has existed for a while now. Even the movies have shown lonely people who met the love of their lifetime in the casinos.
According to this myth, the universe will favour you if your heart has just been broken. In this case, you have higher chances of winning at a casino game. For example, Edward E. Thorp invented the card counting strategy but was stuck in an unhappy marriage for 50 years.

You will lose if you swing your chair while playing

It is believed in some cultures that swinging or rotating on your chair during a game brings misfortune. Next time you play, try not swinging to test if your luck will improve.

Declaring you will win before the game starts is bad luck

No matter how ready they feel, most players will never brag about how good they are. It is believed that by saying you will win, you are more likely to lose. Sometimes, it is good to keep all that positive energy in your thoughts.

Lending money to another player makes you lucky

We are not sure of who came up with this superstition. But it really favours people who have or want to request a loan for gambling. (Note that it is not advisable to use borrowed money on gambling.)

Wearing your lucky cloth

Many people have a lucky piece of cloth or an entire outfit of fortune. Try wearing your lucky cloth to a casino game and see if you will beat the odds and win huge. Thanks to online casinos, you can even wear your lucky Tuxedo on a hot summer afternoon and play from home.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

According to the gambler’s fallacy myth, a series of wins or losses will eventually break. For instance, in a game of roulette, players can believe that after successive reds, black will land. This fallacy is especially famous for the Monte Carlo Casino event. After 25 streaks of red, players bet millions of dollars that it will land on black. Unfortunately, it was red again and the story made history.

The Lucky Rituals

You may have heard of some crazy before-gambling-game rituals. Some rituals performed by gamblers across the world include.

  • Crossing fingers
  • Kissing your partner before the game
  • Blowing on dice
  • Knocking on the table with a ring
  • Taking deep breaths

Leaving the game

Some people believe that leaving the game table will mess their odds of winning. However, many slot players feel that looking away, walking or standing up could bring some luck. If you are on the side of sticking by the table till you win, you must forgo even bathroom breaks.

Lucky numbers

The number 13 is considered doom for many gamblers. On the other hand, 7 is a symbol of fortune and winning.

If all things fail, you can always try carrying a rabbit’s foot or some other lucky charm to your games. It is said that you could also swear at the roulette ball or hum your lucky song.

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