Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot game


Enjoy a blast from the past and make epic winnings with Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot game.

Slot Game intro

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot game pays homage to the famous 90s video game Street Fighter II. The slot is a highly innovative game that contains role playing elements and tons of exciting features. Take your street battle across the world and make the biggest wins.

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior

Layout 5×5
Paylines Cluster Pays Mechanism
RTP 96.06%
Progressive Jackpot No
Special features Cluster Pays, Wild Tumble, Free Spins, Bonus Game. Gamble feature
Maximum win £500,000
Game provider NetEnt

Street Fighter 2 Gameplay

You hit winning combination on this slot by forming clusters of matching symbols rather than playing matching icons on paylines. Just like in the video game, you get to choose your avatar. You can select one of 8 that will fight a random opponent from any of the various locations on the world map. The avatars come with different volatility levels. You can choose for smaller wins that appear more frequently or bigger wins on a less regular basis. You can change avatars at the end of every fight. Images of the avatars are the high value symbols and you collect 1 points for every fighter symbol you play on the reels as part of a winning combination.

Game Features

Street Fighter 2 has some great features. The slot has an innovative Wild feature and Free Spins are triggered by winning your fight rather than by playing Scatter symbols.


You can choose from the following characters:

  • Dhalsim: RTP 96.04% – Select for the smallest wins on a very regular basis.
  • E. Honda: RTP 96.05% – Select for smaller wins on a regular basis.
  • Ryu: RTP 96.02% – Select for small wins on a fairly regular basis.
  • Guile: RTP 96.04% – Select for medium wins on a less regular basis.
  • Zangief: RTP 96.08% – Select for bigger medium wins appearing occasionally.
  • Chun Li: RTP 96.08% – Select for big infrequent wins.
  • Blanka: RTP 96.08% – Select for bigger infrequent wins.
  • Ken: RTP 96.06% – Select for the biggest infrequent wins.

You can hit the maximum win of more than 7,000 times your stake with whichever avatar you choose.

Wild Tumble

This feature is activated when you play a winning combination of at least 7 high value symbols. The Wild Tumble randomly adds Wild symbols on the reels to boost your winnings.

Beat the Boss Free Spins

Whenever you win the fight against your opponent, you trigger Free Spins. In Free Spins you get an unlimited number of free rounds as long as you win your fights. There are four boss levels and you need to win the fight against your opponent to progress to the next level. On the highest level you battle it out with M Bison. In this mode multipliers of at least x2 and up to x10 are applied to any winnings. You progress through the levels as follows:

Stage 1: Defeat Balrog to progress and a x2 multiplier is applied to your wins.

Stage 2: Defeat Vega to progress and a x3 multiplier is applied to your wins.

Stage 3: Defeat Sagat to progress and a x5 multiplier is applied to your wins.

Stage 4: Defeat M. Bison to become The World Warrior. A 10 multiplier is applied to your wins and you are awarded an additional cash prize.

Car Smash Bonus Game

Whenever you lose your battle, you activate the Car Smash Bonus Game. In this Bonus Round you can control the movements of your chosen avatar with the on-screen controls. As you can guess from the Bonus Game’s name, you get the chance to smash up a car to get a random coin win of at least 5 times and up to 20 times your bet.

Insert Coin Gamble Feature

You can (re)play a level 2, 3 or 4 fight for an increased stake by engaging the gamble feature.


Street Fighter 2 is an excellent slot game tribute to the video game of the same name. The slot has  great features and is bound to be a huge hit with all types of slot fans and especially those who grew up with the original video game. Despite its medium to high volatility, smaller players can place wagers from as little as 20p per round. High rollers will be thrilled to know that the maximum bet per round is a staggering £700 per spin and with maximum wins of of more than 7,000 times your stake the slot’s win potential is excellent. Unleash your inner street fighter and hit the reels of  Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior slot game.

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