Mobile Slot Game Review: Planet Fortune

planet fortune

Flash Gordon may elude the attention of the millennial audience as well as those who worship at the altar of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But one of the oldest space superheroes is considered as being one of the most important in the genre’s history. The reason being: its operatic visual style that played out in gorgeous colour panels. Fans and readers just couldn’t get enough of the adventures of Flash as he travelled from one exotic planet to another, all the while battling the evil of Ming, the ruler of Mongo.

The reason why we are harking back to the past is because the old comic strip has one again provided inspiration, in the new millennium, for an online slot.

The Charm of Retro Future

Now the two terms may seem polar opposites of each other, but they can work wonderfully together, with some nifty imagination and artwork. Just like in the comic strips.

Play’n GO has taken all that is good about retro future and displayed it in a visually stunning game, Planet Fortune slot.
The one thing we can definitely say is that it is one of those mobile slot games that is hard to look away from, once it starts up on your computing device. And the experience is only heightened with the crystal-clear graphics.

Set against a gold and purple background of an exotic planet that resembles Mongo, the screen is filled with beautiful illustrations of futuristic towers and space architecture. On top of the visual spectacle sits the reels with a superhero-inspired figure and his gorgeous sidekick arriving as icons.

Make Your Fortune on the Planet

Just like the theme it has borrowed from, this slot brings an old-world charm and simplicity to the table.
There are 5 reels on which you can try and land multiple win combinations, with no less than 40 paylines helping you in your slot endeavours. The two main characters are your biggest allies, rewarding an impressive 18.5x your bet amount, if you can land 5 of them. Then you have the Robot icon that can turn things around for you in a single spin. The scatter symbol, when it appears, replaces all others on the reel, notching up the best win combinations for you. Manage to land five of them, and you will receive a staggering 62.5x your bet amount. Three Robots on the reels will trigger the free spins feature. And there’s more…

Magnetic Mayhem

This special feature could not be more aptly titled. Magnetic Mayhem enables you to stick two or three reels together, which then brings 2×2 or 3×3 combinations, triggering multiple wins in a single spin. The beauty of this feature is that it can be activated anytime, just before the reels stop spinning. And once it does, you are in for some real magic.

Simple Is Fun

Planet Fortune knows what it is going for and sticks to the basics pretty well. The visuals are certainly eye catching and the game itself offers undiluted fun.
A must play.

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