Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy NoLimit City – review


Journey into the culinary world of slots and experience a joyful barbeque feast like you’ve never done before. In this eventful adventure, the dinner comes alive, the reels collapse and winnings up to 1050x the stake can be won from a fiery chili feature and barbeque spins featuring walking wilds and lucrative multipliers.

Quick Facts: Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy

RTP 96.70%
Volatility 5/10
Maxpayout 1050x
Jackpot No
Bonus No
Free spins Yes
Provider NoLimit City

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Food has never been as exciting as it is in Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy. This fiery slot, created by no other than NoLimit City, takes you to the blazing grill of a good old Texas barbeque dinner.

As you spin the reels, you’ll experience joyful steaks, funny looking auberinge, sedated peppers and plenty of other humorous ingredients being cooked over glowing charcoal, which is brilliantly representing the reels.

It’s quite an innovative game design and with cartoonish graphics and plenty of amusing animations, such as winning symbols turning into ashes, your eyes are definitely in for a treat. As for the ears, it wouldn’t be a Texas barbecue unless there was a relaxing banjo playing, which you’ll of course get to enjoy together with singing birds and the sound of nature.


Opposed to the slot’s atmosphere, which is quite a relaxing one, the gameplay is packed with action and you rarely have to wait very long before something exciting happens. On every winning spin, the reels will collapse to replace the winning symbols with new ones, giving you a chance for additional winning combinations to form.

Get three wins in a row and you’ll trigger a Fiery Chili Spin where a random type of symbol is turned into a wild. This feature can also be instantly triggered by a sheriff badge wild appearing on the reels, which means that you’ll regularly get to enjoy it.

This is all fun and games, but the feature you’re really looking forward to is the BBQ Spins. These are free rounds with walking wilds that can earn you a high win multiplier and fill up your bankroll with a sweet amount of more than a thousand times your stake.

Check out the rest of the review and we’ll tell you more about these features, as well as everything else you’d like to know about this fiery and entertaining game, including the likelihood of hitting a big win and triggering both of the features.

Stake Options and Reel Design

In Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy you’ll find 5 reels with 3 rows each and 20 fixed paylines that are spread over these.

As for steak options, the meat on the reel only comes as a rib eye. You do however have plenty of other stakes to choose from. The minimum and maximum bet is €0.2 and €100 respectively and in between you have 13 other alternatives to pick, suiting anything from budget spinning food fanatics to high rolling rednecks.

Symbols and Their Values

As you spin the reels over the fiery grill, six lively ingredients will regularly appear to tempt your taste buds and reward your wallet with up to 10 times the stake for a single winning line of five symbols. This may not sound like much, but thanks to the game’s collapsing reel feature, you’re able to get multiple wins on every spin.

bbq paytable

The above symbols are the six ingredients regularly cooked on the grill. The angry chili to the left is not only a high paying symbol, but a wild one that can substitute for all of the rest. On the image all of the winnings are displayed in coins and for every game round you bet 20 of those, which means that a 200 coin win is equal to 10x your stake.

In addition to the tasty ingredients, three types of charcoal will frequently appear on the reels. Unless you enjoy your food burnt, these are however not very welcomed and they are also the symbols with the lowest value as a winning line of five only pays 60 coins or 3x your stake.

A part from the already mentioned symbols, you’ll also find a sheriff badge that just like the chili acts as a wild. This symbol will however also trigger one of the game’s features, which you can read more about below.

Game Features

Visiting the joyful and amusing feast in Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy, you’re in for quite an eventful adventure. On every winning spin a Collapsing Reel feature will trigger and within a hundred game rounds you’re also likely to enjoy a couple of Fiery Chili Spirit Spins, as well as the Wild BBQ Spins, which is the most lucrative and anticipated feature in the game.

Collapsing Reel Feature

The collapsing reel feature is probably one you’ve encountered before as it’s quite commonly seen in slots. This is basically a type of re-spin being triggered whenever you get a win, which means that a single game round can last for quite a while.

When a winning combination occurs, the symbols that were part of it will turn into ashes and disappear, which is then followed by new symbols falling down from top of the reels making it possible for new winning lines to form. Should this happen, the collapsing reel feature will once again trigger and this pattern will repeat itself until winning combinations are no longer formed.

Fiery Chili Spirit Spin

Whenever the Fiery Chili Spirit Spin feature triggers, this will randomly choose one type of symbol appearing on the reels and then turn all of those into wilds. Should for instance the steak be chosen, all steaks visible on the reels will transform into fiery chili wilds.

The feature can be triggered in two different ways, which frequently happens. It can either be triggered by getting three consecutive wins in a row during the same game round or by the sheriff badge symbol appearing on the reels as this will instantly activate the feature.


Wild BBQ Spins

The Wild BBQ Spins is the top feature of the game and is triggered whenever a winning line of a steak, pepper and mushroom has occurred during the same game round, which includes all of the spins happening as part of the collapsing reel feature. To help trigger the barbeque spins, a random bounty bonus can also kick in on any game round, granting 1 or all 3 of the required ingredients.

Once the feature is triggered, you’ll receive 5 free spins, whereas all steak symbols will turn into sheriffs that are walking wilds. This means that they will stick to the reels and jump one step to the left for every reel collapse happening, until they reach the first reel as they’ll then be removed from the screen.

The walking wilds will not only greatly increase the chances of winning combinations and reel collapses happening, but for each and every one of them that is visible on the screen, a x1 multiplier is added to your winnings. Should for instance two sheriff wilds be walking the reels, you’ll receive a x2 multiplier and if three of them are appearing, you’ll get a x3 one.

There’s no limit to how big the multiplier can get, which means that if you’re lucky enough to get a lot of meat on the reels, you’re able to cash in big time.

Max Win, Volatility and Game Statistics

While enjoying the humorous barbeque adventure in Kitchen Drama BBQ Frenzy, you rarely have to worry about your bankroll taking a dive as decent winnings are paid out on a regular basis and at the same time there’s always potential to hit really big.

The slot’s volatility level is a medium one with a developer value of 5 out of 10 and the maximum win you’re able to get is capped at 1050x your stake, which isn’t bad at all.
Getting such a win is however not the easiest task and may take quite some time or a lot of love from lady luck to reach. On average it takes 71 spins just to get a 15x win and as much as 1982 game rounds to hit one that pays over a 100x.

To put the winning mechanics in another perspective, the vast majority of the game’s return to player percentage (96.70%) is coming from medium sized winnings ranging between 20x and 50x the stake. The 10x – 20x range and the 50x – 100x one does however also make up for quite a big part.

A lot of these winnings are a result of the game’s two features as they trigger quite frequently. You can expect to hit the Fiery Chili Spirit Spins as often as once on every 26th game round and the BBQ Spins as often as once on every 92nd.

All in all, Kitchen Drama: BBQ Frenzy is a great game with a nice balance between low, medium and big winnings, which should appeal to most of today’s slot players.

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