Kings of Chicago Slot Review – Try it for fun

kings of chicago slot feature image

The Kings of Chicago slot is the first NetEnt game released with a blend of the important elements of Video Poker into Video Slot. As such, you will be pleased to find the reels in this game designed to appear on a poker table. There are various chips spread out across the sides in addition to other features such as bags of diamond gemstones and golden jewellery that can be wagered. On the right-hand side, there is a revolver to keep an eye on those who might want to cheat.

Since playing the game just like playing in the game of cards, you will only hear the sounds of other people who are taking part in the game in the background as well as the sound of dealing and shuffling of cards in every round. Though it might be good to have some knowledge of the poker hands, it is not altogether mandatory since its a slot game and it will recognise and register the hands automatically on every spin. Another good thing about the Kings of Chicago slot is that it comes with a slot free play online version one can try out before playing for real money. The slot free play online version can be found in most of the NetEnt listed casinos where the game is offered and also in various slot reviews.


This slot has five reels and three rows, and they are dealt out every round in the columns of playing cards. The playing cards are divided into green clubs, black spades, blue diamonds and red hearts. The idea behind the game is not linking up matching playing cards, instead, it is to form poker hands like the ‘royal flush’ and the ‘three of a kind’. There are character icons too on the picture cards, but these are molls and the gang members.

This slot exhibits a uniquely laid out theme accompanied by five different pay lines in the interface. This might seem like a small amount, but it is perfectly sufficient for this machine. The pay lines are fixed by the developer, however, players can customise the wager amount they place per round. The players can do so by varying the value of the coin, this ranges from €0.01 to €1 per line. Players can also vary the level of their bet through the 1-10. This means that the overall maximum wager per round is €50.

Bonus Features

Free Deals
Every spin is called a ‘deal’ in this slot and if you land three or even more scatter-labelled cards on just one deal, you will win free spins as shown below:

  • 5x Scatters for 30 free deals
  • 4x Scatters for 15 free deals
  • 3x Scatters for 10 free deals

Any winning hands landed during the bonus round are taken through a 2x multiplier and it is possible to trigger more free deals if you land more scatter symbols during this phase.

Joker Wild
The Joker acts as the wild symbol in this slot. In addition to this, all the wins including this Joker are doubled.

Gaming Strategies

The Joker represents the wild symbol. It increases the payments by half through the best win one can get is during the free spin where the Wild symbol offers a multiplier that increases the winnings four times.
You should also note that it has an RTP of 97% which is better than the average slots RTP and you, therefore, can expect positive winning.
It`s good to try to changing the cycle length, varying the number of coins and make wagers in multiples of ten.

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