Be playful and make mystic winnings on Pink Elephants 2 slot game

pink-elephants-2-slot review

Dream of pink elephants and find nirvana filled with fabulous winnings on Pink Elephants 2 slot

Slot Game intro

Pink Elephants 2 is the oddball sequel to the first instalment Pink Elephants. The slot takes you from the African plains in the first instalment to the Himalayan mountains. Pink Elephants 2 might even be quirkier than its predecessor and invites you to find bliss with the help of pink elephants in another dimension.  Pink Elephants 2  brings the fun to Indian mysticsm. Instead of African wildlife you find the  symbols of four different mountain goats on the reels of the sequel slot game.  Set in the mystical Himalayan with a bright blue sky as a background, your accompany your oddball game with a mystical Indian sitar music soundtrack. The psychadelic symbol of the pink elephant is the highest paying icon of the game. In the Hindu pantheon, the popular god Ganesha, god of wealth is displayed with an elephant head. Let Ganesha in a pink haze inspire you to have great slot gaming fun and quirky winnings. 

Pink Elephants 2

Layout 6×4
Paylines 4096 Win Ways
RTP 96.13%
Progressive Jackpot No
Special features Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Free Spins, Symbol upgrades
Maximum win £500,000
Game provider Thunderkick

Pink Eelephants 2 Gameplay

You play winning combinations from left to right starting on the first reel. In addition to quirky pink elephants and goat symbols the slot features the well-known card symbols that are imprinted on pebbles as the lower-value symbols. Pink Elephants 2 slot has only a few features but the theme and design is fun and highly original. This wacky slot is highly volatileand is bound to deliver you fabulous slot game entertainment especially if you are a higher risk player.

Game Features

In terms of features, less is more on Pink Elephants 2 slot and you can make the most with staple features Wild symbols, Scatters and Free Spins. Additional features are Mystery Scatters and symbol upgrades.

Wild symbols

Wild symbols fulfil their useful symbol substituting functions for higher chances to hit a winning combination.

Scatter symbols

The icon of the golden gong functions as the Scatter symbol. Mystery Scatters can be triggered at random for increased chances to activate the Free Spins Bonus game.

Free Spins

As is conventional in slot game land, Free Spins mode is triggered by playing at least three Scatter symbols in the same round. You are awarded at least seven free rounds in Free Spins mode You can win up to 19 free rounds when you managed to play six Scatter symbols in the triggering round. At the beginning of Free Spins, the four goats float to another dimension: the mystical realm of the Giant Pink Elephant. In this realm all four goat symbols have a Symbol Metre that tracks the number of elephant orb symbols you play on the reels. Once the Metre of one particular symbol is full, this symbol is upgraded to the goat symbol next on the paytable. You are also awarded an extra free spin. Playing additional Scatter symbols on the reels also grants you additional free rounds. Two Scatters gives you 3 extra free spins; play 3 Scatters and you get 5 additional free rounds; 4 Scatters gives you 7 fee spins; 5 Scatters awards you 9 free spins, and playing 6 Scatters grants you 13 additional free spins. If you manage to fill all four Goat Symbol Metres, all goat symbol are upgraded to the Pink Elephant symbols. This means you have bigger win chances and significantly higher payouts whenever you hit a winning combination.


Pink Elephants 2 is a worthy sequel and a offers a great variation on the theme of its predecessor. Pink Elephants 2 is a well-desgined and engaging game. Despite few features the game offers excellent win potential and plenty of excitement due to its high volatility. Paint your world pink and find slot game nirvana on Pink Elephants 2.

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