Appease Mesopotamian ghosts for infinite riches on Gods of Gold slot game


Uncover the mystery and riches of ancient Mesopotamia on innovative Infinireels slot game Gods of Gold.

Slot Game intro

Gods of Gold is the videoslot that is to give the highly popular Megways slot game mechanism a run for its money. Gods of Gold slot operates with the Infinireels feature which gives you the chance to play with an infinite number of reels and an infinite number of bet ways. The slot takes you to a long forgotten tomb of an ancient Mesopotamian pharaoh. This tomb is filled with gold but to get your share you need to appeas the pharaoh’s ghost and the genies that roam the tomb.

Gods of Gold

Layout 3×3-infinitex3
Paylines 27-infinite
RTP 96.21%
Progressive Jackpot No
Special features Infinireels,Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Re-spins,Multi-slam, Free Spins, Free Spins retrigger
Maximum win £500,000
Game provider NetEnt

Gods of Gold Gameplay

Golds of Goldis a wonderfully designed game that merges the world of the fairy tales of Arabian Nights with the setting of ancient Egypt. The slot’s décor is the pharaoh’s large gold-filled tomb. The game has 8 different symbols besides the Wild symbol and the Scatter. The lower value symbols are represented by four gemstones of different shape and colour. The higher value symbols are images of genies in different forms and the ghost of the pharaoh. The latter is the highest paying symbol awarding you 160 times your stake for at least 10 of a kind. Gods of Gold has several highly exciting features that are discussed below.

Game Features


Infinireels is a brand new slot game mechanism that allows for an infinite number of reels and an infinite number of bet ways. You start Gods of Gold slot with 3 reels and 27 bet ways. Every time you hit a win a new reel is added to the grid and the number of bet ways multiplies by 3. You expand the grid with every consecutive win with a winning combination that includes the outer right reel. When you play a round without a winning combination, the grid returns to the 3×3 base setting. Infinitereels allows for a staggering number of 3,486,784,401 bet ways.


The Minimap helps you to keep an oversight of the play area and all winning combinations on the expanded grid. It will appear as a rectangular at the bottom of the grid.

Symbol Counter

The Symbol Counter allows you to keep track of the length of the win and number of matching symbol that form any winning combination. It appears on the bottom right side of the grid.

Wild Symbol

The golden W-icon functions as the Wild symbol and can appear on any reel except reel 1,2 and 3. This means the reels need to expand from the 3×3 base setting before any Wild symbols can appear.


This feature can be triggered at random after a winning spin. It adds 2 or 3 additional reels to the grid and grants you a guaranteed win on the next round.

Re- Spin

A Re-Spin can be awarded at random after the grid has reset to a 3×3 structure after a round without a win.

Scatter symbols

The image of the gemstone sun symbol functions as the Scatter. You can play a amaximum of one Scatter symbol per reel. Playing at least three of these in one round triggers Win Spins mode.

Win Spins

Win Spins mode is a variation of Free Spins. You are awarded 10 free spins for 3 Scatter symbols in the triggering round with guaranteed wins, as any winning combinations remains in place on the next spin. You get an additional 5 Win Spins for every Scatter symbol you play in excess of the required 3 to trigger this mode. Meaning that 4 Scatters in the activating round awards you 15 Win spins, 5 Scatters 20 Wins spins, 6 Scatters 25 Wins spins and so on. Play an additional 3 Scatter symbols in one round and you get another 10 Win Spins. After Win Spins mode has come to an end, the game returns to the initial 3×3 grid structure.


Gods of Gold is am incredibly innovative game with a high variance that is bound to excite the high-risk players. The game gives the pharaoh’s tomb theme a twist by setting it in ancient Mesopotamia rather than ancient Egypt and incorporating elements from that region reminding you of the tales of Arabian Nights. The appearance of genies, demons and the ghost of the pharaoh give the slot a surprisingly spooky element. The Infinireels mechanism is a great feature that not only brings great excitement to the game but also offers unlimited win potential. Win Spins is a great remodeling of the well-known Free Spins feature giving you guaranteed wins to boot. Features such as the Re-spin and the Multi-slam, that can be activated at random, give an added element of surprise. Due to its high volatility, Gods of Gold is not for the faint hearted. Yet, with its innovative game mechanism and exciting design and features Gods of Gold slot has set a new benchmark in online videoslot land.

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