Worms Reloaded Slot Review

worms reloaded slot in-game view

The Blueprint Gaming company has followed up their initial Worms slot game with an upgraded version dubbed Worms Reloaded which has received positive online slots reviews. Back in the 90`s, the ‘worms’ series of casino games involved bunches of warms attempting to overpower each other with a variety of weapons such as exploding sheep, bazookas and machine guns. This game based on the on the same old Playstation casino games has the military earthworms bringing more adventures for the players in this edition.

The reloaded version of the Worms slot is the common 5-reel and 3-row slot games with 20 lines. However, warms reloaded seems to be stockpiled; it pays a 25x stake for the 5-of-a-kind (5OAK). Additionally, there are non-multiplying Wilds solitarily on every reel which also pays the 25x stake for the 5OAK. Various online slots reviews can confirm that Worms Reloaded packs a variety of random in-game features involving Wilds. One notable wild feature is the Warms Grenade which upon exploding, one of the following is sparked off:

i) The Banana Bomb Wilds
As the reels spin, a banana bomb will settle on the screen, explode then populate the reels with other banana bomb wild symbols. It is possible to re-spin the reels using the Wilds sticky in case a worm shows up and fires a bazooka.

ii) The Holy Hand Grenade
In the course of a spin, Holy Grenade can appear and explode leading to more bonus symbols added to the reels hence offering the player higher chances of provoking one of the bonuses.

iii) The Teleport Mayhem
This Mayhem stops the reels then a worm appears and presses a teleporter making the symbols to vanish and come back to form win(s). This is able to continue appearing as a new win up to the moment the Worm detonates itself.

iv) The Concrete Donkey
While the reels spin, a Worm appears and presses a button making Concrete Donkeys fall hence creating Wild Reels.

How the Game is Played

Like in most slot games, you start off by choosing your wager and clicking the spin button. You can make other adjustments to the slot machine`s settings to vary the coin value and the amount of wager. You can also use the autoplay game mode to play without interruptions; you just choose your wager and once you turn it on, the reels will spin on their own.

The Bonuses Features

This slot game has four bonus rounds described as follows:

i) Jetpack Bonus
This gives you a space-themed pick-me while the UFO`s will give out stake multipliers though some might kill your worm hence ending the round. In case you get through to the UFO`s end, you will be given some planets to choose from and will add a larger win to what you have already collected.

ii) Blitz Blast Free Games
As you begin your ultimate free games, you will see London`s streets while on a rocket. Any worm that appears on reel five will burn your fuse but increase your win multiplier at the same time. In the end, your fuse will terminate and you will be blasted from London to orbit with the rocket leading to the end of the free games.

iii) Super Sheep Free Spins
Here, you get six free games with which you start off in a castle. The screen will add a fourth row but the 20 lines are maintained. In every spin, up to three super sheep might appear then super sheep wilds will be added to reels by stacking. However, you should take note of the trigger-happy worm which will shoot off the supper sheep wilds as you go. At the end, there is a twist involving more artillery, you receive three grenades to pick from and giving away a Super Sheep will retrigger the 6 spins.

iv) Battleground Bonus
You choose from the landmines then you get either one of the three bonuses described above, collect or a multiplier. The bonus is not that worth unless you luckily get a substantial cash award and a bonus round.

The Jackpot Offer

There is progressive jackpot which can be triggered by getting five overlay Jackpot King symbols. When you spin the wheel and land over 15 crowns, you enter the Wheel King where you can spin the prize wheel to stand a chance of winning the big prize.

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