Which One is a Better Slot – Original or the Sequel?

Just like in the film industry, online slot developers depend largely on sequels or spin-offs. There are many different reasons why a gaming company might want to release a slot sequel. Maybe the first one is old-fashioned or it was so amazing that they need a sequel.

So, which one would you rather play; the original or the new version of the slot?

Blood Suckers vs Blood Suckers 2 – who is scarier?

bloodsuckers 2 

Blood Suckers

Blood Suckers 2

RTP – 98.00% RTP – 96.94%
Paylines – 25 Paylines – 25
Volatility – Medium Volatility – Low

The slot sequel is based on a time when vampires were the evilest creatures walking the planet. The whole storyline is intensely romantic, sparkly and conflicted.

NetEnt released Blood Suckers 2 recently, as a gift to Blood Suckers loyal fans. As expected, both games come with a deathly theme. However, it is difficult to decide which one has more horrific graphics.

While Blood Suckers 2 comes with a completely 3D interface and bright colours, Blood Suckers 1 is different. The latter might have an old game design but the zombies and coffins will give you the chills.


The sequel is without doubt, better than the original. The maximum win has increased from 45,000 to 324, 500. The variance is also greater than before. However, the house edge at Bloodsuckers 2 is higher by 1.06%.

Chibeasties and Chibeasties 2 – who is cuter?

chibeasties 2


Chibeasties 2

RTP – 96.20% RTP – 96.20%
Paylines – 20 Paylines – 20
Volatility – Medium Volatility – Medium

Try out the Yggdrasil’s Chibeasties and transit into a magical world of fairy creatures and huge wins. The sequel is about cute Japanese cartoon and troll-like creatures in an enchanted forest with magical crystals.

While Chibeasties came with a simple gameplay, the second version is far much thrilling. Chibeasties 2 offers four different realms, each with its own unique wild feature.

You will find the new advanced design exciting.  The forest certainly looks more magical than before and the Chibeasties even have mushroom hats!


The original game was not easy to play; it was difficult to get free spins. But the 4 realms in the spin-off increase your chances of getting Free Spins to trigger big wins. You have four choices; Expanding Reels, Spreading Wilds, Mirroring Wilds and Teleporting Wilds.

There is also a bonus game in Chibeasties 2 that shows up randomly.

Hugo and Hugo 2 – who is more charming?

hugo slot 
hugo 2 slot


Hugo 2

RTP – 96.40% RTP – 96.53%
Paylines – 10 Paylines – 10
Volatility – High Volatility – High

The Danish troll is a favourite among online slot enthusiasts. Hugo is still searching for his lost long love in this spinoff and the task could not be more thrilling. The advanced graphics by Play’n GO are just a plus to the new special features.


As expected, the maximum win is now 500, 000 and the variance is higher. The new version also has two bonus games; Afskylia Bonus Scatter and the Free Spins. Sadly, the Free Spins have reduced from 15 to 10.

Foxin’ Wins and Foxin’ Wins Again – who is smarter?

foxin wins  

foxin wins again

Foxin’ Wins

Foxin’ Wins Again

RTP – 95.22-95.62% RTP – 95.86%
Paylines – 25 Paylines – 50
Volatility – Low/Medium Volatility – Medium/High

The Foxin sequel is probably one of the most favoured NextGen slots.

In the beginning, all we had were cute foxes and yellow and blue colour-themed slot.  Foxin Wins was received well by the market with its likeable symbols, 2000 maximum win, medium variance and 10 Free Spins.

Foxin Wins Again is just as hilarious as the original but with advanced graphics. The foxes look bigger and happier, with the captain dressed in a fine suit.


Unlike the original where the smartly dressed fox was the wild, there are no free wilds in Foxin Wins Again.  You must pay extra for the wilds. 3 scatters will still earn you Free Spins.

Another honourable mention is the deadly wild west series from NetEnt. The Sequel Dead or Alive 2 has an RTP of 98% and a max win of over 100,000x.


Of course, the new versions are not automatically better. While sequels are usually based on the same story, the graphics and bonus features are slightly different. – But then there are the loyal players who will forever choose a game because they like it.

You will find all these awesome games from all the best online casinos!

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