How to Play Video Poker

video poker
Video poker is computerized version of draw poker. In the game the players try to attain specific poker hand combinations. Video poker requires no attention with other players or a dealer hence making it easy to operate. The card combinations are controlled by the random-number generator.

Video poker generally offers some of the top odds in casinos. It is a good alternative to the slot machines because you still have a chance of hitting a huge jackpot, and your probability of getting the jackpot is about five times higher. However, you must have the right strategy if you are to benefit from the good odds. This is where video poker comes in unique from the regular slot machines; it requires great skills.


How To Play

  • First, you have to add credits to the machine. Most games in play these days accept currencies. The machines print out vouchers which can be cashed at the casino cages or in the ticket changing machines in casinos.
  • After adding credit, you have to choose your denomination and game of choice. The screen displays the paytable which shows the denomination of the specified game as well as the number of credits at hand. Once you have selected your denomination, the screen shows all games available for the selected denomination and you can then select your game.
  • You can then begin playing after choosing your denomination and game. To play, you can press “Play Max Credits” button or the “Bet One Credit” button many times. Unlike most slot machines, it would be better to bet the maximum credits in video poker. On the succeeding hands, you may press the Draw/Deal button instead of “Play Max Credits” because this would re-bets your previous bet.
  • After pressing the maximum credits or bet one credit many times, you are dealt your first five card hand, and this is displayed on the screen.


To play video poker, you have to follow some important rules to avoid losing your money

When you have your five cards, you will check the hand and decide which cards to hold. You can simply touch on every card you want to hold and touch again to cancel. The “Hold/Cancel” button under every card will let you have what you want. For you to play the cards you have selected, you click the “Deal/Draw” button. Those cards that you did not hold are replaced by others. If the hand you end up with wins, the credits get added.

Some games usually have a “Double” feature, but most of them do not have it always enabled. If this feature is enabled, you can select whether or not you`ll want to attempt doubling your winnings. Otherwise, the game is ready for the next bet and you repeat this process.


Where to Play Video Poker

There are plenty of online casinos where you can play video poker. Betsafe is one great place where there is a wide range of the progressive video poker games. Some of them include Better and Jack. Here are some casinos we recommend:



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