Stacked Wilds

There are now dozens of different type of wild symbols found in play on the thousands of different online slot available at various casino sites, and as such you are probably getting somewhat confused by how those symbols work and operate when they have been spun in.

The one thing that every single wild symbol will share in regards to who they operate is that they will stand in for the majority of other reel symbols, and as such by spinning in one or more wild symbols on an activated payline alongside matching symbols you will find the wild symbols help you complete the winning payout associated with the matching reel symbols.

However, you will find multiple different slot games which offer a special set of what are known as stacked wild symbols, and on certain reels of those slots the wild symbols have been placed onto the reels one on top of each other.

That means that when you send the reels spinning on such a slot it is perfectly possible for you to spin in on one or more reels of those slots a set of wild symbols that fill the entire reel they have appeared on with wild symbols.

As mentioned above there are certainly no shortages of slots offering those stacked wild symbols, however one slot that we think you are going to enjoy playing is the Scarface slot, which is one of the many instant plays slot games designed by NetEnt.

When playing the Scarface slot not only can you spin in one or more sets of stacked wild symbols but each time you spin in at least one of them and they fill the entire reels with wild symbols then you will trigger an additional bonus game, depending on just which reel those stacked wild symbols have all been spun in on!

Be aware also that some slot game shave a special randomly awarded base game bonus feature on which one to five of the reels can suddenly become filled with stacked wild symbols.

As every single reel symbols on those randomly selected reels have nothing but wild symbols on them you are then going to be guaranteed of having those reels coming to a stop in such a way the in view reel symbols on those reels are all wild symbols!

If you do fancy playing a slot with stacked wild symbols one final thing to keep in mind is that the more paylines you activate on those slots the more chance you will have of forming plenty of winning combinations when those reel symbols have been spun in!

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