What Are Online Slots Tournaments?


Online slots tournaments  make slot games even more thrilling and add a competitive edge to the game. If you are after extra gaming fun and a challenge, then slot tournaments are an excellent place to start.

Participating in slot tournaments is not only fun but also provide an opportunity to lay your  hands on spectacular prizes, free spins and bonuses. Over the years, online casino operators have diversified slot tournament awards. It is not uncommon to win trips, gadgets and other grand prizes in these tournaments. Have a look at what the best online casinos have on offer right now!

How do online slot tournaments work?

After you have paid your entrance levy, you will receive a specific number of credits to use throughout the tournament. All players in the tournament receive the same number of credits in their accounts. Should the credits get depleted before the tournament is over, you can re-enter (at a charge).

Slot tournaments usually run for several days, during which players are restricted from using special features like ‘turbo’ and ‘autoplay.’ All you have to do is to spin as many times as possible to get the highest number of points.

Your winnings are stored at a different account. Every time you play and land a paying combination, your winnings go into the Win Box. At the end of the game, the player with the highest winnings walks away with the grand prize.

Keep on checking the Play Time Clock to know how much time is left before the tournament ends. Tournaments like Casumo’s Reel Race run every 30 minutes, so might also need to look at the leaderboard. Since players are winning regularly, the leader-board keeps on changing.

Types of online slot tournaments

• Buy-In Tournaments -You must pay a specific amount to participate in the tournament.
• Free tournaments – Participating in these tournaments is free of charge.
• VIP or Invites Only – If you are especially invited to a slot tournament, it means you are a VIP in your specific casino. Invite only tournaments are usually found in VIP programmes, as an exclusive award to high-roller players.

How to play online slot tournaments

Unlike other online casino games where you can use actual strategies, slots depend on lady luck. Fact is, luck is the main booster of wins in slot tournaments. Still, it is possible to maximise fun and winnings in a slot tournament. You mainly need two things; high concentration levels and speed. Spin as much as possible, to get more winning combinations and boost your position on the leaderboard.

Beware of playing slot tournaments with emotions attached. Avoid being frustrated if the spins do not go your way and know when to stop. For instance, unless you are playing for fun, it is advisable to avoid re-buys especially if the tournament is almost over.

If you haven’t participated in an online slot tournament yet, it might be time to finally start. Dive in the world of slot tournaments for a unique social gaming experience and a chance to win casino bonuses and mega jackpots.

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