Slot strategies: Extended game play

bankroll management for extended slot game

As a slots game player or newbie, there is a lot of facts you need to note. One of the main points to note is slot machines are designed to basically return less money than they receive. This is the reason why you should never assume that you will always have guaranteed consecutive wins. Otherwise, slot machines wouldn`t have existed. On that note, your ultimate slot strategy should focus on how to save the money you would otherwise lose and how to increase your chances of winning. This way, you will be able to extend your slot game play.

The slot game play basically revolves around the betting just before the action begins, spinning, winning, and bonus rounds or spins. At the end, you will have lost or won, and you will then decide whether you are playing again or not. For first-time slot gamers, it would be advisable to try a variety of slots to determine what you like and what you don’t. Here are the tips and strategies to keep in mind while playing slot games.

Slot Strategy for Bankroll Management

A well-managed bankroll will keep you playing for a long time since you will not be losing your money and your wins. Here is how to maintain a good bankroll.

Create a Win and Loss Limit

Once you have reached either of the limits, you quit playing. A win limit can help you not to lose your win while the loss limit will help you not to lose all your money. It’s easy to keep track of your wins and losses through the slot club card or by monitoring the amount of money you have in the slot machine. If all fails, a friend could help you commit to the limits.

Play the Lowest-Denomination Machine That Interests You

This is the trick that will help you increase your bankroll. Penny slots will offer the least risk, but the rewards are too low. High-dollar slots, on the other hand, will offer you higher chances of winning big prizes as you play side games plus other features. However, you stand the risk of losing plenty of cash in a short while.

Join the Slot Club

Always join whatever the kind of club the slot is offering its customers. Whether it’s a loyalty club, rewards club or a player’s club, it doesn’t cost a cent to join. If the casino can track your play, you have the chance to be rewarded. You will mostly earn points which can be turned into cash and other goodies.

The Basic Slot Machine Strategies

You can`t be assured of a stream of wins, but you can be sure to keep a better amount of your money and lose less if you follow some of these slot strategies.

Always Place a Maximum Bet

A slot machine allows you to choose the amount you would like to wager per-spin. You can also choose the denomination and the number of units of the denomination you wish to wager on every spin of the reels. What you get for your larger bet is access to bigger prizes in addition to more valuable rounds of bonuses and side games. Even so, you have to choose a slot machine that you are willing to play at a maximum bet for the whole of your session.

Look for the Simplest Games you Can Comfortably Play

If you are playing slots for fun, you have to maintain a big bankroll. Games such as video clips, progressive jackpot and bonus games have higher entertainment values. At the same time, such games offer the longest odds and tend to have higher costs per spin.

If you want to save some cash and take out each cent you can from the casino, then always place your fixed bet the easy slot available. Avoid games with bonus rounds – those with around one to three pay lines are better.

A Better Progressive Bet Strategy

These slots are meant to attract bettors who want life-changing payouts in terms of millions of dollars. You, therefore, will not have interest in playing the long-odds contests that come with huge risks but better chances of winning. An important progressive bet strategy is that if you want to make your bankroll live long, never place a solitary bet on a progressive machine.

Progressive games cost a lot to run and the casino operators have to fund the progressive jackpot from elsewhere. The gamblers, in this case, will provide all the money needed for that single jackpot. A portion of every gambler`s fixed bet is usually added to the progressive jackpot, therefore, the games have to be altered for them to be less advantageous to the player.

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