Shifting Reels

Shifting reels

You are always going to be learning new things when you play any of the very latest slot game releases, for most brand new slots will come with all manner of new bonus games and playing structure that you will never have come across before!

Take for example the Robin Hood slot game, this is a multi-stake video slot from NetEnt, and what makes it very unique is that it is a slot with shifting reels. How that base game bonus features works and plays off is quite exciting and is a way for you to pick up some very high valued winning payout once the reels start to shift.

When you are playing off any single base game spin on this slot what you will notice is that as soon as you have spun in one winning combination on any of your activated pay lines the reels will then move across the screen.

Once they have shifted across the screen the next spin you will play off have an increased multiplier in play for that spin and as such any additional winning combinations that are formed from the spin will be boosted in value by that multiplier.

However, by you then forming another winning combination the shifting reels feature will then be activated on the next spin and the multiplier value will grow in size again for the very next spin. As long as you keep on forming winning combinations the shifting reels feature will be awarded to you.

Three or more winning combinations on the trot from the shifting reels bonus feature will see the multipliers in play grow in size of x5 and that multiplier will remind at x5 until no new winning combinations are formed at which point the shifting reels feature will then end.

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