Scatter Symbol

One of the most unique reel symbols that you are going to find attached to many video slot games are what are known as scatter symbols.

Those symbols are unique as instead of you having spin in a certain number of them on a payline you have activated from left to right across the screen beginning from the first reel, which is the case with most other reel symbols you simply need to get a certain number of them spinning in.

However, what you will tend to find is that some slot games have scatter symbols which will award just a cash payout when you spin in a certain number of scatter symbols, whilst some slot games will award a bonus game when you spin in the required number of scatter symbols anywhere in view on the screen.

In fact, quite a large number of video slots now offer both a cash payout and a bonus game when you have enough scatter symbols appearing from any one single base game spin. The main attraction for players of playing a slot with scatter symbols is that you can play any number of paylines and still have the same chance of triggering a bonus game for example via those symbols as a max payline slot player has.

One interesting aspect of playing any slot which does come with scatter symbols is that the cash payouts some of those symbols ward to players are going to be a multiple of the amount you stakes on the base game. The more scatter symbols that you spin in the higher in value that multiplier will become.

You will find some slots games can offer players spinning in all five scatter symbols a payout worth up to 500 times the amount hey wagered don’t eh base game spin all five of those symbols spun in on, and those scatter symbols award more than the jackpot symbols do!

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