Rapid Jackpot

Rapid jackpots

The sheer size at which some progressive jackpots can grow to can amaze you, in fact it is perfect feasible if not extremely rare, that when playing a progressives slot game online you could end up winning a jackpot that will turn you into a multi millionaire!

However, there are several things that any slot player does need to be aware of when playing any slot game offering a progressive jackpot or a series of progressive jackpots, and that is a proportion of the stake you are playing for are going to be feeding the jackpot pool or pools.

That means that the base game payout percentage on most progressive jackpot awarding slots, when you take out of the equation the progressive jackpot element of the game are set quite low, and as such you are more likely to lose your bankroll much quicker when playing those types of slots!

However, you are going to some across a slot offering a rapid fire jackpot payout in additional to a set of other different sized progressive jackpots when playing at casinos sites offering the NetEnt range of slot games, and that slot is their Cosmic Fortune slot.

A Rapid Fire jackpot is one that is won very, very regularly and as such when playing such a slot you have a good chance of being awarded with that jackpot when you play it regularly.

Also you will find rapid fire jackpots can be awarded to players completely at random too, so you can win one of them on any base game spin you play off which does add another level of excitement to play those types of slots online.

If you are interested in playing a slot on which a random jackpot or rapid fire jackpot can be awarded to you, then the best ones to pick out to play are those on which every player has the chance of winning those jackpots no matter at what stake levels they are playing for.

So avoiding playing slots which force you to play for maximum bet spins to have any chance of winning such a jackpot and stick to those that award there jackpots to players playing for any stake level!

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