A Guide to Mega Jackpots

mega moolah jackpot

A Mega Jackpot is the largest amount of cash that can be possibly won from a single spin in a specific slot machine. Jackpots come in a variety of styles which include stand-alone jackpots, stand-alone progressive jackpots, Proprietary Progressive jackpots, and wide area progressive jackpots. The progressive jackpots with increasing jackpot get the amount from pools of money accumulated each time someone bets at a designated slot machine or table. This pool usually grows to an extremely large amount and that`s what creates the mega jackpot which can be won by making a combination of the assigned wilds and symbols on the slots.

The Types of Jackpots in Details

  • The flat-top or basic slots.
    These ones are the stand-alone jackpots that have steady top jackpots that do not accumulate regardless of the number of players and the amount of money they put into the machine. These machines mostly use lower coin values which favours players on modest budgets.
  • The stand-alone progressive slot jackpots.
    These slots are not linked to other slot machines and, like the flat-top slots, have fixed jackpot prizes. A calculated portion of the coins played is subtracted and used to top up the jackpot which is expected to be won through the best combination of symbols. The stand-alone slot machines have meters placed in front of them to show the progressive jackpot.
  • The proprietary progressive slot jackpots.
    The jackpot comes from a variety of linked slot machines that are owned and operated by the casino. The jackpots on these type of slot are not the common multi-million type though the prize is usually substantial.
  • The wide area progressive jackpots.
    The mega jackpot falls under this category; the jackpots come with the so-called life-changing win. The jackpot is accumulated for a chain of linked slot machines from different casinos. An independent casino operator is responsible for the wide area jackpot contributions and only gets a certain percentage share from the total winnings.

The Concept Behind Mega Jackpots

During the olden days, the land-based casino operators used to make some good amounts of money, but the felt they needed more. This prompted them to think of ways to make more money, and the best idea they came up with was that of the progressive jackpot. An idea that indeed attracted lots of gamblers and cash in equal measure. The casino operators invented a system of linked jackpots that pooled cash from various games into a single huge lump sum. This sum could then be won by any player with the jackpot still active.

This concept brought about a mini-revolution which soon saw land-based casinos bulging with players who were all trying to scoop a huge life-changing amount of money. During this period, online gambling casinos were also in the making and the moment they came into sight, they immediately adopted the progressive jackpot idea for some games.

The ever-increasing amount of the jackpot prize is usually the main motivating and eye-catching ingredient that makes the progressive slot games more enticing to the online gamblers. With the idea of the traditional slot games, online casino operators are able to tweak their slot games to their advanced and increasing jackpot features through the online progressive slot games. Online casino operators know well that gamblers love playing the big wins hence, they employ the progressive jackpot promotion tactic in order to make their slot games more appealing. Generally, the more appealing it is to play the slot game, the more the players and ultimately, the more the cash pool and profit for the operator.

Examples of mega jackpots offered in some of the major sites

Mr Green slot jackpots
The casino website has a Jackpot games section which includes more than 20 slots with jackpots. The biggest prizes in this casino are found here. Among the big players slots is the Mega Moolah slot jackpot that has caught the eyes of the ambitious slots players. Another popular slots jackpot the site offers is the Mega Fortune which holds a world record for the biggest jackpot paid out from the online slot. The Marvellous Mr and Mr Green: Moonlight are the two slots worth checking out; they are exclusive to Mr Green.

Mr Smith slot jackpots
The site offers plenty of progressive jackpots on various table games, slots machines, scratch card games and keno. However, there are the mega jackpots worth millions of pounds. Some of the mega jackpots include Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Mega Moolah and Hall of Gods.

LeoVegas slot Jackpots
The site offers more than 200 slot options from the Microgaming slot. The slot jackpots include Mega Moolah Mega, King Cashalot, Roulette Royale,
Major Millions and Poker Ride jackpots.

Betsson slot jackpots
The current progressive jackpots Betsson Casino offers include the Hall of Gods Mega, Mega Moolah Mega, Mega Fortune Dreams Mega, MegaJackpots and Joker Millions. Apart from the multi-million-pound jackpots, the site also offers other smaller jackpots like the Super Lucky Frog Lucky and Hall of Gods Mini.

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